Not getting enough sleep is a common issue among almost all adults these days. In many cases, it’s not the lack of wanting sleep that’s the issue but how to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night that’s the biggest concern. Recently, I’ve seen (and even used) people trying sleep meditation to fall asleep quickly and get quality rest through the night.

However, even with that, many have been struggling. One of the tricks I’ve used in the past and continue to do so even today is listening to a podcast when I go to bed. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “How can listening to someone talking when you’re trying to sleep be supposed to help?”

Trust me on this one, sleep podcasts have been proven through research to help you sleep quicker, and better, and have a night of quality rest. If you don’t trust my word, then trust the data!

If you’re struggling with getting a full night of sleep, then I have a list of the best sleep podcasts for you.

These podcasts are designed to help you fall asleep, and I hope that you’ll find your best sleep partner here on this list!

Best Podcast For Sleep of 2023 1. Sleep With Me

Are you an insomniac or just can’t fall asleep at night? Or is your mind incapable of staying quiet during the quiet hours of the night? Well, Sleep With Me is one of the best sleep podcasts that you can tune in to.

Listen to a bedtime story as your mind quietly calms until you fall asleep. So get your headphones on, press play, close your eyes, and drift off to a restful sleep.

Listen to this sleep podcast here

2. Nothing Much Happens

Get ready for the best bedtime podcast for adults as a meditation teacher and yogi Kathryn Nicolai takes you for a relaxing sleep ride. The bedtime stories on Nothing Much Happens are as the name suggests – soft and boring enough to help you drift off.

The best part of this sleep podcast is that you don’t have to truly pay attention to the stories and if you miss somehow, there’s always a second part that goes slow.

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

3. Slow Radio

If you enjoy listening to lo-fi beats and calming tunes as you lay down your head for a night’s rest, then Slow Radio is the perfect choice for you. On this podcast you can listen to a wide range of soothing tunes in 30-minute intervals – from chirping birds to chanting monks – to find yourself getting relaxed. Slow Radio is a BBC sleep podcast, so you know you’re in the right hands!

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

5. Get Sleepy

As the name suggests, Get Sleepy, is a podcast where you come to sleep. Currently ranked at the top of its game, the Get Sleepy podcast is a good choice if you’re a newbie trying out sleep podcasts or sleep music. Hosted by Tom Jones, you’ll soon find yourself relaxing to his soothing British accent.

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

6. Sleepy

If you’re a fan of classic bedtime stories, Sleepy is the one sleep podcast for you. Get a new episode each week when Otis Gray reads a classic bedtime story to lull you to sleep. You get 45–60 minutes of bedtime stories in each episode. From Sherlock Holmes to Jane Austen’s classically woven stories, find yourself relaxing into a deep slumber each week.

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

7. Boring Books For Bedtime

Another weekly sleep podcast that is created for those who just can’t relax. Boring Books For Bedtime is the one podcast that delivers what it promises. You will soon find your brain shut down the constant chattering and get the sleep it needs. Each episode of the Boring Books For Bedtime brings a new – rather boring – read with some ASMR that will encourage your body and mind to rest.

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

8. Goodnight World!

Are you a fan of Sesame Street? Well, then this collaboration from Headspace Studios and your favorite characters from Sesame Street makes an interesting combination to help you (and your little one!) fall asleep.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t listen to Goodnight World! as an adult, even though it’s designed for the little ones. If you find it relaxing then join its many subscribers and followers and learn how to calm your mind and body for better sleep.

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

9. Deep Energy Podcast

If you’re looking for ambient and new-age electronic music to help you fall asleep, Deep Energy Podcast is here to help. With over 1000 episodes composed by musician Jim Butler, you can soon find yourself relaxing and drifting off into dreamland.

New episodes are uploaded almost daily so no need to worry about waiting. Enjoy your bedtime starting now!

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

10. Sleep Cove

Can’t sleep? Then join the many subscribers and followers of Sleep Cove and listen to sleep hypnosis, guided sleep meditation, and bedtime stories. All episodes are designed to help you relax and catch that Zzzzs. Hosted by veteran hypnotherapist Christopher Fitton learn to achieve the proper mindset for peaceful sleep.

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

11. Sleep Whispers

Sleep Whisperers is exactly what you think it is. Get ready for over 300 whispered episodes of sleep audio. With new episodes uploaded weekly, get access to gilded sleep meditations, sleep stories, trivia, lessons, and more content all designed to put you to sleep. If you find ASMR relaxing, then you will find Sleep Whisperers not only interesting but also quite soothing for your mind.

Listen to this sleep podcast here.

Keep in mind that listening to sleep podcasts are only a supplement and should not be taken as therapy. If you’re struggling with a sleep disorder, then it’s recommended that you speak to a sleep specialist for the right course of action.

I hope this list of the best sleep podcasts of 2023 will help you find your favorite podcast to help you fall asleep. If you agree with my list, leave a comment below or DM me on Calm Sage’s social media pages.

You can also let me know your recommendations at

Take Care! Sleep Well!

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