Your child has always been responsible and dependable, but it’s time to prepare them for the next stage of life – university. It may seem scary to let your teen take on more responsibility, but these tips will help you raise responsible teenagers who are ready to tackle life on their own at university. Here are some ways you can ensure your teenager is ready to be on their own in university.

Encourage them to take ownership of their room decor

The sweet decor that you designed when they were young children might be feeling outdated now. Teenagers naturally have other needs and interests, so it’s time to switch the nursery rhymes and fairy tales inspired room for something a little older and more functional.

However, you can seize the opportunity to encourage your teenager’s responsibility and independence by making them part of the project. Set a budget together, and decide on the best functional furniture, storage solutions, and overall decor feel.

Sign them up for school trips

One way to raise responsible teenagers is by giving them opportunities to take care of themselves outside of the house. One great way to do this is by signing them up for school trips and activities, so they can get involved in their community. Trips with overnight stays, such as geography field trips or overseas trips, are fantastic choices to get your teen involved in their school community will help them gain a sense of belonging and responsibility, which will make the transition into university life easier. And who knows, you might even find that your child has a talent or interest that you weren’t aware of.

Give them a weekly or monthly allowance

Giving teenagers an allowance helps them budget their money and take more ownership of the things they want. When kids start getting a regular allowance, it’s a good idea to set up a weekly or monthly limit on how much they can spend. This will help them learn about the value of money and also teach them about saving for future purchases.

Teach them how to cook simple meals

Teach them how to cook a few simple recipes so they can make life easier in university. Mastering a few simple recipes can make life easier at university. Try teaching your teenagers to cook a few basic recipes like pasta bake, fajitas, and curry. These are easy recipes that most university students would have the ingredients for. It is important to focus on ingredients that are easily available and affordable for students:

– pasta

– rice

– potatoes

– vegetables

– eggs


Encourage them to get a part-time job

One of the best ways to help teenagers take on more responsibility is to encourage them to get a part-time job. It will teach them about balancing work and school. Additionally, a part-time worker can also develop a sense of responsibility towards their job. Even if they are working in an environment that doesn’t match their career goal, it will give them a sense of what professional life is like.

Helping your teenager become more responsible before going to university can make a great deal of difference. There is no denying that the first year of university is liberating for many students. It is the first time living away from home and fending for themselves. Parents can ensure they are ready for it by teaching them practical skills.

What tips would you give to parents on how they can best prepare their teenagers for university?

Love Beth xx

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