Drug use can start early in someone’s life. It can be as soon as their adolescent years. For this reason, it would be a good idea as a parent to educate your teenager about the dangers of drug use. This guide will go over important points that you’ll want to follow so you can make the conversation effective and make your teenager aware of drug use and the consequences.

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Let’s get started with this guide on educating your teenager about drug use

Tell them that they don’t need drugs to be ‘cool’

One of the common issues teenagers face is worrying about if they’ll fit in with others. So they see drug use as an opportunity to try. The issue here is that no teenager needs to fit in and be cool because they use drugs.

To that end, they may end up hanging out with the wrong people who may be doing the same things. There is no need for your teenager to end up getting tied up with drugs and even legal troubles that may be associated with it such as theft.

Discuss the health risks that come with drug use

Health risks occur with the use of several drugs. Some of them can be severe. For example, an opioid overdose can lead to brain damage if a person survived one.

Some may even end up in a vegetative state or a coma they may never get out of. This may seem like a scary thought. How else will we explain the true dangers of drug use (especially when things can take a fatal turn).

Even if they use specific drugs, they are doing damage to their body. The physical and even mental consequences can be heavy. Your teenager can avoid this by saying ‘no’ to drugs.

Needless to say, drug use can have lasting effects even after prolonged use. This can include an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. A person’s health is important (including your teenager’s).

Make it a point that if they want to live a healthy life, keep drugs out of it.

Drug and alcohol use on TV is not as glamorous compared to reality

TV and movies will show scenes where there is drug use. Some believe it may be the reason why young people are using drugs themselves. However, it is important to remind your teenager that even though the characters on a screen are doing it, it doesn’t mean that it’s OK to do it in real life.

The reality here is that most of the drug use is being simulated. They won’t be using real drugs either (since illicit drugs are illegal to possess). It’s important that your teenager should not be easily persuaded by a media that says ‘it’s OK to do drugs because someone on TV is doing it’.

Inform them that people are struggling with drug use

The truth about drug use is that the ‘high’ people experience is temporary. Sure, it can get to a point where they can’t get enough and it becomes an addiction. From there, it can lead to people struggling with finances, their relationships, and so much more.

Your teenager may not want to hear it. But it’s true. People who have used drugs and are addicted are suffering more than we realize. They even have gotten to the point where they have lost everything.

The sad reality is that drug use and addiction can turn a person’s life upside down. It can even affect family members dealing with the stress of someone’s addiction. The struggle with addiction can be long-lasting.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important that someone dealing with addiction can get the help they deserve. If this is you or someone you know, make sure you take the necessary steps to make sure you are diagnosed and treated for addiction.

Drugs are not a good way to self-medicate

Teenagers will deal with mood swings on a regular basis. It’s all part of the growing process. However, it’s important to let them know that some emotions cannot be medicated by drug use. Let them know that if a person tries to self-medicate with certain drugs, it can lead to an addiction.

Your teenager needs to know that there are other ways to cope with stress and negative feelings. People are told that people will rely on a drug or even alcohol to help them ‘soothe the pain’. However, this isn’t the case and many people have learned the hard way.

Don’t let your teenager be the next person that learns this lesson.

Help them distinguish the good drugs from the bad (and proper use)

It’s important to have a talk with your teen about the difference between good drugs and bad ones. Over the counter medications are fine and prescription pills can be taken if used properly. The issue here is that some medications (OTC or prescribed) can also be abused.

It’s important to inform your teen that abuse can lead to adverse health consequences. What can be considered a safe drug can be abused and it can get to a point where it becomes a health problem. Yes, it can also lead to fatal consequences as well.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for ways to educate your teenager about the danger of drug use, these points listed above will be a good start. Make sure that your teenager is aware of what could happen if they go down a ‘bad path’. They are at an age where they might be vulnerable to the lies and false facts about drugs.

Don’t take any chances. Talk to your teenager about drug use as soon as you can. If you need more information on how to approach the subject, Gallus Detox will have more information on their website.

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