You Need To Unlock a Healthy Mindset


What is a Healthy Mindset

Tips for a Healthy Mindset

Accept yourself 

Identify things not helping you and get rid of them!

You can do it – Belief in yourself.

Watch your mouth – Language.

Everything you think is not true.

You can NOT control everything.

Think about what you CAN control

Treat yourself

Think before you act

Smile before you speak

Choose Positive People

Set healthy boundaries

Give your whole heart.

Eat Healthy Food

Take a deep Breath


Keep a check on your physical health

Go Outside

What drives you? Find your Passion

Do your best

Always be open to learning

Read a book

Choose a daily affirmation

Create A Vision Board

Laugh out loud

Keep A Journal

Find a hobby

Be Grateful

Give in the community

Turn off the electronics


Examples of Daily Affirmation

Healthy Mindset Quotes

Healthy Mindset Book Recommendation

Positive Mindset YouTube Video




This post could not come to me at a better time. I have an editorial calendar for this blog, and I plan a month or so of the post at a time. Well, I had a horrible day before I was supposed to work on this article. My mental health was significantly affected. 


I opened my laptop and sat down to write, and I saw this title and said, “HELL NO! I am not writing that today!” I struggled the entire day with not even trying. 


Now I need to catch up because of my poor mindset. I let two days go by with no action other than crying and sleeping. 


That is a brief example of what a poor mindset can be like but what is so much better is having a healthy mindset! It is ok to fall off and need to stay in bed but don’t let it become a rut! 

What is a Healthy Mindset?


A healthy mindset is when you can accept yourself with love. It is taking care of yourself and positively seeing yourself and the world around you. It is how you view your relationships and work life. 


We will look at a long list of ways to create a healthy mindset for yourself. Having a positive mind is a choice that you make every day!

Tips for a Healthy Mindset


I have compiled a long list to help you set a positive and healthy mindset. You may want to do all these things or just a few. You do not need to go full steam and try to change your life in a day! 


Making the decision that you want to be positive is the first step! It is an everyday commitment because, believe me, something will happen, and you might fall back to your old ways, but you need to have checks in place to set yourself back on the right path.

1) Accept Yourself


This might sound corny, but I want to point out that when you DON “T accept yourself, what it looks like. You are forever in a struggle in your mind. You can honestly hate yourself. Everything about you is wrong. Can you be nice to people around you? Can you do well at your job? 


Accepting yourself is saying, “This is me! and I love my perfections and flaws all the same”

2) Identify Things Not Helping You and Get Rid of Them!


I am not picking on anyone here. But some habits like smoking cigarettes do not help you. You might think that they help you, but they really do not. 


You may think that your friend, Ms. Negative Nelly, is annoying to be around, but you have just known her for so long that you put up with it. 


Things or people that bring you down honestly need to go. It is tough to break habits. The longer you are surrounded by negativity, the harder it is for you to get positive.

3) You Can Do It – Belief in Yourself.


If you believe in yourself, you can do anything! Having faith in yourself is so powerful! When you believe, you throw out self-doubt and have confidence that you can do what you set your mind to!

4) Watch Your Mouth – Language


Self-talk is also powerful! You can change yourself in a split second by what you say in your mind. “I’m a failure” that there will stop any progress from going forward. You have basically quit. When you say it out loud to other people, they might also start seeing you as a failure.


Word can uplift or cut down. Be careful what you say about yourself and others. 

5) Everything You Think is Not True.


This is directly related to the above but can include what you think about other people or other things. You might think your new boyfriend is the greatest love of your life. Keep your mind open, and pay attention to those little red flags flying everywhere.

6) You Can NOT Control Everything.


If you were to try to control everything, you would be emotionally defeated and exhausted. You can not do it! INSTEAD…

7) Think About What You CAN Control


You might not be able to control how someone treats you, BUT you CAN control how you respond. If you are uncomfortable in your body because you are overweight, you can change this with diet and exercise. You could also practice acceptance and say as long as I am healthy, I am beautiful the way I am!

8) Treat Yourself


Buy yourself a little gift or make yourself something that you really like. You are working hard at life, and you should treat yourself sometimes! Money is always readily available, so I suggest something other than buying something big, but maybe some tiny flowers from your local convenient store or a book you have been wanting. 


Set a schedule, so you buy something other than random stuff all the time. I say for myself that I can purchase something or treat myself special once a week.

9) Think Before You Act


Giving yourself time to think things through will lead to a positive mindset. If you are jumping into things uninformed and everything falls apart around you, that can lead to destructive thoughts. 


Being prepared will make a lot of difference in how you look at things.

10) Smile Before You Speak

It is proven that if you smile before you answer a ringing phone, you are more likely to have a pleasant tone to your voice! A smile can have the same effect in person. It makes situations easier to deal with.

11) Choose Positive People


We already talked about losing Ms. Negative Nelly earlier. When you surround yourself with negative people, you will also become negative. You can try to bring them up, but it is a no-win battle. People who are constantly negative do not have a healthy mindset.

12) Set Healthy Boundaries


Every relationship needs healthy boundaries. You need to know what you will accept or agree to and set those marks in place. 


If you never tell your Grandma that you go to bed at 8 pm, so calling after that would not be acceptable, then how will she know? If you have told her and she calls anyways, that disregards your boundaries.

13) Give Your Whole Heart.


If you are certain that all intentions are good, love with your whole heart!!! Nothing feels better than loving someone or something truly. It doesn’t have to be a person. It can be your pet or your hobby. If you love, love fully.

14) Eat Healthy Food


Candy and cakes are fun in moderate potions. You will not feel well if you just eat junk all the time. I have a terrible habit of being busy and just eating peanut butter crackers for lunch. That is not real food!! (I’m saying that to myself there!!)

15) Take a Deep Breath


Taking a second to take a deep breath helps so much!! I use it to aid with my mental health. 

There are so many benefits to deep breathing. Here are a few:

Decrease stress

Increases energy

Lowers blood pressure

Improves digestion

16) Exercise

Exercise is not only to keep your body fit but also your mind! Did you know that regular exercise releases feel-good endorphins? And natural cannabis-like brain chemicals. I am not joking! I learned this from the Mayo Clinic.

17) Keep a Check on Your Physical Health


See your doctor regularly, and take all the necessary steps to keep your body in good shape. It doesn’t matter how positive you are. Your mindset will not be happy if you are dealing with illness. So many sicknesses can be treated if caught early.

18) Go Outside

Sounds simple! Fresh air does your mind and body good! Did you know that exposure to the sun’s rays helps your body to get vitamin D? It also helps to boost your immune system. In a study by the NIH National Institute of Health, walking outside increased creativity in 81% of the participants.

19) What Drives You? Find Your Passion


What is your passion?? What do you get so lost in that you lose track of time? What can you talk about for hours? What do you find enjoyable, meaningful, and important? Finding this thing and enjoying it will be great for your healthy mindset.

20) Do Your Best


When you know that you have done your best, you feel so accomplished! You will be proud of what you can do when you do your best!

21) Always Be Open to Learning


Even if you have the most extensive amount of learning and every degree you can earn, learning should never stop! The world and everything in it is constantly changing. There is always something new to learn. 


Learning is fun! You can..

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