Employees now consider mental health the #1 issue they care about (pwc/Atlassian).

No one is immune with Deloitte recently finding that one in three employees and c-suite are “Always” or “Often” struggling with fatigue or poor mental health.

Reducing stigma at work is reported to be a top 3 priority by 80% of us (McKinsey), but only 17% say it is in their organisation.

WHO research found that globally the rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 25% – yes 25%.

For the first time (Ipsos), mental health (mentioned by a global country average of 36%) is ranked higher than cancer (34%) when people are asked to think about top health concerns.

Over half (58%) surveyed say they “often” think about their own mental wellbeing.

Generally speaking, mental health issues are felt more strongly by people under 35, women, and low-income households.


We need to start measuring mental ill health in real time and it must be discussed at leadership and Board level each month. What gets measured gets managed. WE need a multi-year plan.

WeCARE365 creates simple, scalable, and easily available training for managers to prevent mental health issues.


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In the first comment I list some free evidence based (By the Black Dog Institute and QUT) produced by Emhprac

virtual resources which are available to us all.

Practicing self-compassion must be I high priority. We can’t help others if we are not in a good place. Make exercise, rest, and eating well a high priority.

Take time to catch up with family and friends.

If you are not in good shape, tell someone you trust that you are not OK.  Just sharing your struggle helps to reduce the impact.

Reach out to your GP, psychologist, or a helpline.

If you are concerned about a loved one ask R U OK? No qualifications needed.

Mental health really matters and let’s resolve today to something significant to make a difference.

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