Depression is a mood disorder that causes persistent sadness and loss of interest. It is one of the most common disorders that around 43% of Indians suffer from depression according to study in 2020. According to few surveys women are twice likely to suffer from depression than men.

Depression can have various underlying causes, different experiences, trauma, unhealthy coping mechanisms and genetics influences. People who have genetic underlying causes are more likely to develop depression, and are more easily to be influenced by the difficult environments. Major illnesses, substance use (unhealthy coping mechanism), vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, abuse and sometimes it can develop without a particular reason.

Symptoms and Signs

Depression is more than just sadness, it has various other symptoms and signs that can indicate that one has depression, the person might be overpowered by distorted and a negative thinking, they might find it difficult to do day to day activities, as simple as getting out of bed, taking bath, eating food etc. One can lose interest doing things that the loved before and can have sudden breakdowns, or crying spells without any significant reason and find it difficult to control or manage it.

Symptoms of depression includes the following

– Lack of interest

– Persistent sadness

– Hopelessness

– Negative Thoughts

– Increase/ Decrease in Appetite

– Increase/ Decrease in Sleep

– Lack of concentration

– Low self esteem

– Suicidal Thoughts


Managing and living with depression can be very exhausting, People suffering with depression require emotional support, support from friends and family can be an important part when battling with depression. Two ways to cope with depression can be 

How can you show support to someone suffering from depression?

How can you help yourself?

There are a few basic things that you can do to help some with depression,

–  Listen to them, just being there to listen to how they are feeling without necessarily giving any advice can help a long way to make them feel heard.

–  Validation and Acceptance, it is completely valid for them to feel a certain way, with or without any particular reason. 

–  Giving reassurances, once in a while reassurances can be a really fulfilling for a person suffering with depression, just the bare minimum of saying “We can get through this” can help them feel better.

–  Encourage them for therapy, in cases of depression therapy can be very essential and hence suggesting and encouragement for therapy is a big step to treatment.

–  Take care of yourself, it is important to check in with your mental wellbeing and taking care of one’s self 

How can you help yourself?

–  Be aware of the way you talk to yourself, depression can usually involve negative and of low self-esteem, just being watchful of the way you speak to yourself cam help to manage the mood to some extent

–  Thoughts, depression usually involves a lot of unhelpful and negative thoughts, thoughts can directly affect our mood and behaviour, and hence management of these thoughts is important in the treatment for depression.

–  Physical activities, depression can lead to less physical movements and feeling lethargic, once in a while a walk or exercise can help one feel better.

–  Therapy, as mentioned before therapy is most essential part to manage depression, it provides a safe space, more appropriate knowledge of the condition, various coping strategies and management technique more accurate to one self. 

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