As a relationship gets older, the excitement usually wears off. Some couples settle into a comfortable relationship, while others drift apart. However, contrary to popular belief, ending a relationship can be respectful.This blog will help you understand the do’s and don’ts of breaking up respectfully.


1) Consider your options: Consider what you want and why you want it.Be sure of your feelings and the reasons for your decision before you have a conversation with your partner. This will help you hold your ground and explain yourself better in the conversation. 

2) Plan the communication: It helps to have a plan of communication in mind before actually communicating. It’s important to analyse how your partner will react to the news of you breaking up with them and prepare for their reaction. 

3) Be honest but sensitive: The decision to break up might be right for you, but it might come as a shock to your partner. Understanding this and framing sentences while keeping your partner’s feelings in mind is important. Be honest about what made you take this decision, but do not be brutal while communicating it. Put it across in a neutral way instead of starting the blame game. 

4) Break up in person: You have shared a lot with your partner during your relationship, which has led you both to have a close bond. Respect that bond by saying what you have to say in person or via video call and not over voice call or text. This will help you to keep the situation under control and comfort your partner if needed. 


1) Avoidance: Do not start avoiding the person in order to avoid having the difficult conversation.Waiting for the relationship to fade away itself will be hurtful in the long run for both you and your partner. 

2) Priority: Signalling to others that you are ending your current relationship or starting new conversations with other potential partners before ending your current relationship is a no-no.There is nothing worse for your partner than hearing about your breakup from someone else. Instead, give them the priority and respect to know before anybody else does. 

3) Don’t rush: Don’t rush into difficult conversations without first considering and resolving personal issues.This would be like going into battle completely unprepared.

Every relationship is different, and the situations can be subjective. However, these general pointers to keep in mind when breaking up with your partner will make the process smooth and respectful.

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