The Water Violet Bach flower remedy is for people who like to be alone and can appear aloof or proud. They may find it difficult to connect with others, preferring instead to spend time alone. This remedy helps them feel more connected and open up to others, making it easier for them to socialise. If you’re someone who struggles with connecting with people, this remedy may be right for you. Read on to learn more about the Water Violet Bach flower remedy and how it can help you connect with others.

Water Violet Bach Flower: For connection

Water Violet types are quite quiet, gentle and solitary. They are very independent, capable and self-reliant and carve their own path in life without thought of others. They are peaceful and calm but can sometimes appear aloof and sometimes struggle with connecting to others.

This remedy can help with communication and a sense of humility as Water Violet types can often be proud and lack humility. They have a superior sense of self and calm self-control which can make them unapproachable.

Although outwardly appearing to be quite “together” these people do often have a sense of loneliness and isolation as they’ve put themselves on a pedestal to the outside world and made themselves unapproachable. They tend to deal with problems on their own and can retreat inwards if things get tough, unable to ask for help.

The Water Violet remedy helps people to be more open and less aloof, making it easier for them to relate to others. They may find that they are able to express themselves more easily, and they may feel a greater sense of connection with those around them. This can be especially helpful for those who often feel isolated or alone.

Water Violet Bach Flower in Brief When you’re in a blocked state, Water Violet can manifest itself as:
You like to be alone

You can appear aloof or proud

You are solitary, quiet and prefer your own company

You have little emotional involvement

You have a stiff upper lip

You are a difficult person to know

You can appear unapproachable

You are independent and don’t bother others with your problems

You’re prone to withdrawing into your shell

While in a healthy state, Water Violet can help you:
To connect and not grow too isolated

To communicate

To have humility

To still enjoy your own company but be able to connect with others when needed

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