We all expect life to become more chaotic as we head towards a new year – but this year it’s almost as if we are steamrolling downhill. And as soon as we hit November 1, everything was in motion. Social events and expectations amped up 200%, deadlines at work intensified, and meanwhile we are all trying to balance our physical, emotional and mental health. Plus take care of our loved ones, of course. So, who really has time to put up a Christmas tree or decorate for Hannukah?

If you feel overwhelmed this time of year, you are not alone. And while a guide of how to survive the holidays is always timely (we have published multiple versions of this over the years, just click here), sometimes we don’t need a plan of attack. We just need a reminder that the world won’t fall apart if we stop and pause for a second.

Practicing grounding is a way to live in the present moment, gain clarity, and take care of your overall health. You can do it in the middle of the day, while struggling with depression, or when you feel overwhelmed. Just give yourself a couple of minutes to pause and try one of these three exercises.

Practice deep breathing

This is a tried-and-true favourite. Using your entire lung capacity, take a deep breath in for three to five seconds, hold for the same amount of time, then release in three to five seconds, expelling all the air from your lungs. Repeat this at least three times. Physically, this calms your heart rate, which will decrease any sense of panic or anxiety you may have. Emotionally, this is a great way to release any negative energy or frustrations you are feeling. With every breathe out, you are creating space in your body for peace, energy, and hope.


Practicing gratitude increase quality of life, so why not put it to the test? Next time you feel stressed or before a big day, take out your journal or phone, and list down five things you are thankful for. There is no wrong way to do this task – you may be thankful for a cold glass of water, that the kids slept through the night, or that you are breathing. As you write each point down, pause and take a deep breathe in and out. Feel your appreciation and the hope it gives you, then move on with the rest of your day.

Engage your senses

This strategy is a great way to reconnect with your body if you feel out of control. Give yourself five minutes and take some deep breaths. Move your head to the right, and list five things you can see. Move your head to the left and list another five things you can see. Feel the sensations around you. What are five things you can feel – your clothes resting on your body, the wind, the ground beneath your feet? Then shut your eyes and listen. What are five things you can hear? Lastly, use your nose. What can you smell? This technique brings you back to the present moment and helps you to focus on the now. By the time you have finished, you should be feeling more at home in your body and have better clarity on what is in and out of your control. If you steel feel overwhelmed after doing any of these exercises, try repeating them as often as you need.

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