How do you manage your energy?

What energy? I hear some of you say.

Have you ever even thought about what type of energy you have. I hadn’t until I came across Human Design. The system identifies people as falling in to one of 4 energy types.

We are all conditioned to believe that we all have unlimited supplies of energy and that if we don’t then we’re just not doing something right.

Let’s look at the 4 types.

Manifestor – The manifestor energy type accounts for about 9% of the population. This type has a lot of energy (mental and physical) but it is used in short bursts. It is not a constant source. Periods of intense energy usage are followed by a period of recuperation. Ideally manifestors should aim not to exhaust their energy supplies every day as this can lead to poor sleep quality. They are best going to bed before they get too tired.

Generator – The generator energy type axrjally accounts for 70% of the population, and as the name suggests, capable of generating a constant stream of energy output. People with this energy type are meant to be active and to use up all their energy (mental / physical) in the day and then recharge over night as they sleep. Going to bed feeling tired is optimum. Generators have seeming endless energy for whatever they choose to do with it.

Projectors – The Projector energy type only accounts for around 20% of the population and is actually not an energy generating type. This energy type is dependent on the energy of those around them. So, for example, they need to be careful to not get carried away when surrounded by generators as it can lead to burn out for the projector who isn’t designed for sustained long term energy output. Projectors need to make sure they get enough rest and should try to get in to a routine of lying down and relaxing so that when they feel sleepy they are in a state to do so.

Reflectors – Just 1% of the population are reflectors. This is another non energy type. Like the projector, people with the reflector energy type have no internal energy motors and they reflect back the energy of the environments they are in and the people they are with. It’s very important for reflectors to be around the right people. It is also very important for reflectors to take conscious time to rest and replenish their energy supplies as they don’t have much control over how much they may need day to day.

How this has helped me?

I found out I was a Manifestor energy type, with a fluctuating energy source it made total sense. I have bipolar disorder and in essence this is a disorder of fluctuations in energy. I have intense periods of high productivity and then periods of very low energy. It’s given me an entirely different way of seeing my journey of finding balance.

If you would like to know what your energy type is, drop me a DM and I can run your human design chart for you.

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