As you may know, Thanksgiving is not really celebrated here in the UK, however, over the last three years, we have celebrated it in our home!
The reason behind this, was that our lovely co-writer and editor, Bella moved in with us and her hometown is Jersey USA! Bella introduced us to some incredible Thanksgiving dishes and it became a time of year that I very much look forward to!

Sadly, this year, Bella is back with her family in the US, so we will not be celebrating in our usual way; though we certainly do plan on doing something nice together as a household!

On top of this, I thought it would be nice to share a post about what is it that we are thankful for this year and we asked some of you lovely lot to share your thanks with us too! Here are some of the things that were shared:

For my family and friends; being there for me through some of my most difficult times this year and beyond – Aimee

For being able to turn my life around after my devastating mental health crisis in 1997 – Stewart

Having access to food and shelter – MJ

My friends and family – Jake

Key Workers! They should be thanked and appreciated always, not just in the hard times – Anonymous.

Foster Parents, for keeping children safe whilst their birth parents get the help and support that they need – Elle

My fiancé, for always being there to hold my hand – Lauren

My pets! They keep me sane when the world feels like it is crumbling – Anonymous.

I’m thankful for having a therapist who literally just lay with me and held my hand in complete silence so that I could just breathe for most of our session today because the world seemed to be so, *so* claustrophobic and I wanted to block it *all* out #blessed – Anonymous.

Whether you are thankful for something big, or something small – make it known! Not just today, but always.
The world can be a dark and gloomy place sometimes, so sharing a little bit of love, kindness and gratitude can really make a difference.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate the day or not! I also hope that the rest of 2022 treats you all with kindness.
Have Hope Always,
Aimee and the SeeTheUniverse Team xo

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