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Sims 4 Harvestfest Gnomes: How To Fulfill Them

The holidays are full upon us if all the television commercials are to be believed. And so I’ve been sliding into that holiday melancholy due to not having any family nearby and a husband who prefers to spend the holidays alone with just the two of us.


To pull myself out of the funk, I’ve turned to my favorite distraction, affectionately known as the Sims 4, where my “legacy” family has been preparing for the holidays. Briefly, a legacy family in Sims 4 means playing the same family from the “founders” all the way through to at least the 10th generation. Some players have gone even longer. I’ve never been able to do an entire legacy in my game due to various glitches or characters dying inconveniently. I keep trying, though.

This year is no different.

My Sims Family 

Aubrey Weiss and Fashio Nista (pun intended, but I didn’t create the character) had three daughters – Brylee, Trinity, and Juliana. Brylee is Fashio’s stepdaughter from Aubrey’s first marriage, but Fashio and all the girls are very close. 

Recently, Aubrey passed away after a long life as a successful and relatively famous pianist. Sadly, Fashio followed him shortly after that. The family is still grieving as they enter the Harvestfest holiday season and prepare for Thanksgiving.

Brylee is married to Austin, and they have a sweet toddler named Cherish. All three generations reside in the same enormous household in Forgotten Hollow, a tiny town that harbors many secrets. (But that is a story for another day.)

HarvestFest Gnomes

The holidays in Sims 4 bring with them the dreaded holiday Gnomes. Some players find them amusing. I want to kill them all with fire. These annoying little creatures teleport into a Sim’s home in a flash of light and then expect to be appeased with some sort of treat: a piece of pie, a cup of coffee, a toy, etc. Apparently, each gnome is appeased by a different gift, but they bug me so much I’ve never bothered to figure it out. I just “throw” a gift at them and hope it’s right.

Why do they bug me?

Teleporting at random to different rooms in a Sims home. How dare they?!

If you don’t appease them, they’ll break your toilets or, worse, strike you with lightning!

They leave seed packets for your garden everywhere in your Sim’s home. Can you trade them for cash? Yes. But, you still have to go around the house and pick them all up. Such litterbugs!

Rather than adding whimsy to my game, they stress me out. What kind of devious mind came up with these irritating little brutes?

Can I get rid of them?

Thankfully, in their infinite “wisdom,” EA has provided us with a way to remove them. The player simply chooses the holiday from the calendar and removes the gnomes as part of the celebration. 

For some reason I cannot fathom, I decided to play with the gnomes in my game this year. I was pleasantly surprised when all 4 Holiday gnomes accepted my attempts at appeasement, but that doesn’t mean I like them. They are still invasive, judgmental, creepy, and just plain weird.

Despite the sad circumstances and the gnomes, my Sims had a fairly nice Thanksgiving. And it was certainly more interesting than my own Thanksgiving will be, so thank you, EA, for creating this mesmerizing, entertaining, frustrating, and fascinating game. Happy Holidays everyone!

See my in-game screenshots! 

Trinity and Juliana were unlucky enough to find their mother had passed in the parlor (Grimm was already preparing to take her soul)

Despite their sadness, the family held a massive party for Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Then the gnomes arrived, completely upsetting Austin.

And they just kept showing up in the middle of private conversations.

In the end, after the gnomes finally took their leave, the party was a success. It helped to heal some of the sadness, and sisters Juliana and Brylee shared a holiday drink and memories of their parents.

How do you appease these Sims 4 harvestfest gnomes?

If you want to know more about these awful gnomes and how to appease them, you should check out this post by GameRant. It is a very detailed post with pictures of each gnome and exactly which gift they want. I could not describe it better than this blog has done, so I will happily link to them for my readers! Go check it out! 

Happy Holidays!

Tawney Odin


Please comment here and let me know what you think of these Sim adventures! 

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