The main reason for writing this is to raise awareness about a new group on Instagram called Keto Bipolar Research lead by Julie Fast, a world- renowned pioneer on the bipolar disorder front.

She has written many books and if you have not heard of her, I highly suggest you look into reading them. She has spent three years of research on this topic of using diet to control bipolar disorder symptoms and has a lot to share with her guests in her group. She cites many doctors including Chris Palmer,MD who has written a book called Brain Energy: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Understanding Mental Health–And Improving Treatment for Anxiety, Depression, Ocd, Ptsd, and More

The main premise of the treatment is a diet that was designed to help with epilepsy and now research is being done to use that same diet for bipolar disorder. I will let you do the research, but from what I have learned it is hope for those with mental disorders who are having a hard time dealing with their illness with medications.

There is a lot to be learned and researched still, but there is hope on the horizon. I personally, noticed a difference in my symptoms when I was on the Atkins diet that is similar to Keto and that was before I knew about Julie Fast’s research or had heard of Dr. Chris Palmer Ken Barry, MD or dietician Michelle Hurn. (guest post she wrote for my blog: Could a LCHF, animal-based diet be an effective treatment for Bipolar Disorder.) I had just gone on the diet to lose weight.

I am highly suggesting that you do research on this topic and join Julie’s group on Instagram. If you listen to her posts on Instagram, you will learn about more people who can help you navigate this new way of eating.

If you are wit’s end dealing with your bipolar disorder and seem to be treatment resistant, this the group for you. Happy Researching. I would love to hear from you about your experiences of dealing with your bipolar disorder. Please email me at

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