Are you feeling overwhelmed by Christmas? Do you feel guilty because you’re not enjoying it like you think you should be? Are family dynamics making things difficult for you? If so, Bach flower remedies might be able to help. There are a few different remedies that can be helpful depending on your particular situation. Keep reading to learn more about each one and find out which one might be right for you.

The Difficulties of Christmas

The Christmas season can be an incredibly stressful time for many people. The expectations to be happy and the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday festivities can bring out difficult emotions, many of which take a toll on one’s mental health. Loneliness is a common issue among many during this time as family events and traditions may no longer be possible or it may be difficult to make new friends. Furthermore, mum guilt can often arise around this time with pressures limiting the amount of quality time spent between parents and their children. Stress of gift giving, finances or hosting duties may also contribute to feeling overwhelmed during the holidays. In addition, family dynamics often come into play where unresolved tensions may resurface creating uncomfortable atmosphere. 

It is important to remember that although there is pressure to have everything perfect at Christmas time, it doesn’t need to consume anyone’s soul and move away from trying to achieve an unrealistic fantasy. Valuing quality moments with those you care about are far more worthwhile and looking after your wellbeing during this festive period than attempting an ideal of jubilant perfection. With practical steps such as setting realistic expectations, maintaining routines, having honest conversations and cherishing simple moments being self-aware can help manage stress levels throughout the holiday season.

What are Bach flower remedies and how can they help manage emotions at Christmas?

Bach flower remedies are a series of 38 different natural remedies, each of which can help ease a specific negative emotion and bring your body and mind back into balance. The remedies are completely natural, safe and gentle. They’re safe for all ages and can be used alongside existing medication. 

Christmas can be a challenging time of year for many and we often need a little bit of extra support with our mental health around this time of year – or to be extra mindful of it. The remedies can help with many different emotional issues that may crop up more often around this time of year (such as overwhelm, guilt or perfectionism) and can also be helpful for existing mental health issues which don’t just go away around Christmas (such as anxiety or depression.)

Which Bach flower remedies can help around Christmas?

Read below the descriptions of some Bach flower remedies which may be particularly helpful around this time of year.


Pine is for feelings of guilt, blaming yourself or punishing yourself. Mums are particularly bad at feeling guilty and this tends to be heightened at this time of year. This may be because you feel you should be spending more on presents, you forgot to order the school Christmas cards by the deadline (me!) or you have complicated family arrangements which mean you feel guilty about not spending enough time with some people. To name just a few examples.


Elm is for feelings of overwhelm, particularly if you feel overwhelmed by pressure or responsibility, like things are getting too much. There can be a lot to remember, a lot going on, a lot of pressure to have the “perfect” festive season… It’s very easy for that to all become a bit too much and for you to feel like you can’t keep up.

Rock Water

Rock Water is for people who are perfectionists. They need everything to be a certain way and have quite rigid thinking about how things should be done. Sometimes these people want to be seen as a martyr or be shown as an example to others but it puts a lot of pressure on themselves and their family members to keep to such high standards.


Oak is for people who are overworked but struggle on regardless. They are stable, dependable and never complain or give up. They struggle on regardless of how exhausted they are until they reach exhaustion or burn out. This remedy can help you learn your limit and learn when to rest.

Chestnut Bud

Chestnut Bud is for those who fail to learn from their mistakes. Think back to what happened last year… what worked and what didn’t? Are you planning on doing the same thing again this year or have you learned from experience? Some examples may be trying to pack too many activities in with the kids and them having a meltdown, drinking too much at the Christmas party or overspending.


Beech is for those who need a little tolerance in their lives (perhaps having to deal with certain family members!) Beech people can be judgemental or critical and easily irritated. This may not be your normal state of emotion but spending time with certain people can bring this out in us. This remedy will help bring compassion and tolerance.


Centaury is for those who can be weak-willed and give up their life to serve others. These people can be easily taken advantage of or have trouble standing up for themselves or having strong enough boundaries. Again, this may be that certain people bring this out in us. This remedy will help you be more assertive.


Gentian is for feelings of disappointment or despondency after a negative event. If something hasn’t quite gone to plan and you’re feeling quite low, give Gentian a try to help lift your mood and move on.


Honeysuckle is for people who are stuck in the past, yearning for a different time. Christmas can be a very emotional time for many, particularly those who have lost loved ones and now Christmas looks a little different to how it once did. Honeysuckle will be useful if you’re wishing things could return to the past or you’re constantly thinking of how things were. Star of Bethlehem is another one to consider to provide comfort to trauma and sorrow.

Interested to try Bach flower remedies?

It’s easy to get carried away with the Christmas Spirit and forget that not everyone finds this time of year so jolly. For many people, stress, family dynamics, financial worries or loneliness can make Christmas a difficult time. If you find yourself struggling this holiday season, know that you are not alone.

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