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In our first introduction to Wakanda, we flocked to the theaters with jubilation and pride to revel in the on-screen magnificence. The characters, costumes, and world-building. But, this time, the experience of going to the movies with family and friends to see the new Black Panther film felt fundamentally different. Many of us were adorned in white, bodies calm, and hearts steady as we prepared for what we knew would be both a cinematic gem and a grieving experience. Grief for the loss of our beloved Chadwick Boseman, our Black Panther, grief for the world that has drastically changed since the original film premiered in 2018, and the private grief we all hold in our hearts for our own meaningful reasons. It all felt like seeing your favorite cousins at a funeral. You’re happy to see them because it’s been a minute, but you wish it were under different circumstances.

This week, our beloved podcast production team, Cindy, Ellice, and Fredia join me to discuss Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever. We explored the complexities of grief displayed across characters in the film, comment on storylines we were surprised and delighted by, and make predictions for the future of the Black Panther franchise. This episode does contain spoilers.


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