We’ve all heard of the winter blues – when the overcast sky and cold weather impacts someone’s mood. It is known as Season Affective Disorder. But the summer blues? This is new to us – but when we realised it is linked with exhaustion from socialising or expectations, it made sense. We can all relate to this! If you are feeling the summer blues as we head into the holiday season, and feel the pressure of holiday activities, having the kid’s home from school, and staying out later, this blog from Porch is for you. You can read the full, original blog here.

It is easy to underestimate the impact of the summer on your mental health. After all, the birds chirp, the flowers bloom, and all is well, right? Nope. The pressures of summer expectations can bring on the summer blues. Coupling that with the physiological factors that impact mental health and the whole season can feel exhausting — but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. With a bit of guidance and a few creative ideas, you can plan on enjoying a fun-filled summer and a well-balanced social life.

The pressure to make the most of the long days of summer can be overwhelming. While the obvious priority for many people is to stay cool during the hot weather, there are other expectations to keep in mind.

Family time — the kids are off school, family members have booked time off work, and friends have made plans to visit.

Make the most of the long days — finish long-overdue projects, read all the books on the bestsellers list, train for a half marathon.

Entertain — enjoy a barbecue, craft cocktails, and play bocce with friends in your backyard.

Travel — take that road trip to a National Park or an amusement park.

Relax — practice yoga, meditate, listen to podcasts on well-being.

But what if you don’t feel up to it? What if you have the summer blues? Winter Seasonal Affective Disorder is a major depressive disorder. The symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, and a general sense of malaise. People who have SAD experience agitation, restlessness, anxiety, disturbed sleep or difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite, and weight loss during the summer months.

These symptoms can contribute to negative emotions during the summer months. Feeling like you can’t make the most of your time because you are anxious and overstimulated can make depression even worse.

If this is you, there are ways you can take care of yourself over summer and enjoy yourself.

Get organised — a cleaner, more organised home can significantly impact your health and mindset more than external elements like neighbourhood and walkability score.

Include fun activities — change up some family favourites with new activities like backyard games, indoor crafts, or science experiments.

Include self-care — incorporate restorative activities into your summer plan.

New tools — learn new ways for the whole family to improve their daily habits like exercise, mindfulness, and sleep.

Want some more ideas? Here are Porch’s top activities to beat the Summer blues:

DIY your home for Summer

Summer backyard makeover

Cultivate nature at home

Keep the house cold during the summer

Regulate sleep and meal plan

Whether your summer plans include a staycation or an extended vacation away, you can use this guide to help you plan, prepare, and get organised for a great summer.  Beat the summer blues with healthy tools, enjoy the outdoors, spend time with friends and family, and perhaps learn a new skill or two.

Do you feel stressed or depressed in the summer months? Are you looking for ways to care for your mental health as we enter a new year? Here’s what you need to do: Contact Colleen on 0434 337 245 for a FREE 10 minute consultation on how we can best help you or book online.

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