Those who know me, will know that I adore this book! I read this back in 2020 and I was super excited for the movie being released the following year… yet I never got around to watching it! Until now…

A Boy Called Christmas is a children/teens book written by the wonderful Matt Haig. It was published in 2016, but I was only introduced to this in 2020. I absolutely loved every second of it, it is such a wholesome, fun, heartwarming story, perfect for all ages!

I recently watched the movie adaptation of this book… here are my thoughts:

I think the casting for this movie was brilliant! They could not have picked better actors/actresses to play these wonderful characters.
I was expecting the elves of Elfhelm to be CGI/Animated in the movie, so was a little surprised to see they were physical acting roles… yet… it worked!

I loved the way that they used a nanny telling three children a bed time story as the way in which this tale comes to life. It was a nice addition to the movie, which you do not get from the book.

The movie was filled with Christmas spirit, action, magic, laughter and tears and I could not look away from the screen! I am sadly, often let down by movie adaptations, but this was definitely not the case with A Boy Called Christmas.

If you have not already seen this movie, or read the book, I highly recommend both!

For those who do not know what this book is about, here is a little insight:

A Boy Called Christmas follows the story of young Nikolas and Miika the mouse as they head out into the cold, to track down Nikolas’s father, who was sent on a mission by the King, to restore hope and wonder to the town.
When Nikolas finds Elfhelm, a magical hidden village filled with Elves, his father is no where to be seen… and things are not quite as magical and wonderful as he had expected. The village appears to be grieving a recent kidnapping of a young elf and they do not take lightly to Nikolas’s unexpected arrival.
Will Nikolas and Mike be able to restore Elfhelm to its previous, happy and magical state? Will they find Nikolas’s father before the cold becomes too much?

You can purchase this wonderful book over on Amazon here!
Kindle £3.59 / Paperback £6.49 *Prices correct at time of publishing*

It is also available to watch on Prime!

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