I’ve always wondered why when I write it’s thought to be set in stone.

Words, thoughts, life and everything in between changes each and every day.

One day I may think and feel one thing and another day I may think and feel the complete opposite. And that is okay and how it should be.

Everything changes and I believe thoughts do too.

My thoughts are altered by daily experiences, the people I meet and with every conversation. Every day we gain something that shapes us and how we feel.

Words are thoughts of the moment. Thoughts of the present. Maybe influenced by the past and maybe influenced by the future. And quite possibly either true or untrue.

We don’t have to believe everything we think to be true. And it may be true in one moment and not true in another.

Everything is built with uncertainty. And if everything in this world is in constant change, shouldn’t our thoughts, feelings and words be too.

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