Before you say anything, look in-between your fingers, see that ash? That’s you Ashy McQueen. (This term is genderless)

Okay, I’ve had my moments of ashiness too. Random but here’s a little hack for my make up wearers. Wash your hands before beating your face (wearing make up) but don’t apply any lotion on your hands. This is the ONLY time you should allow yourself to be ”ashy”, I say this because I don’t like the feel of hand lotion touching my face when I am trying to do my make up. After you’re done, wash your hands again and then apply hand cream that way you’re set for the day and won’t feel dry.

I’ve written about being ashy here but this time I want to emphasise the importance of moisturising. There’s nothing worse than feeling like a reptile, I HATE having dry skin and I often encourage others to moisture because there really isn’t an excuse to be that ashy. I know it’s winter and it’s cold but … actually, no buts! No excuses!

The best time to moisturise the body is right after a shower/bath because your pores are open and the skin is more likely to lock in moisture than any other time. This may sound a little odd but I sometimes do this thing where after I have a shower and if I stay too long without moisturising , I literally go back in the shower just because I feel my body needs a little bit of water moisture before I use any creams or oils. Weird right?

Want to know how extra I can be? I use a snail mucin…yes the snail slimy stuff, I use it before moisturising for extra moisture. Yes my body is that soft. No ash over here baby!

When you shower properly…which I would hope you do the water strips away all moisture from your skin and if you’re someone who enjoys really hot showers once in a while, (like me and no I don’t encourage it either) its essential you moisturise straight away because the skin can be left feeling dull and dry. Moisturising plays a huge part in aging, you won’t stay 22 forever, as you get older your skin gets looser hence why moistening your body keeps the skin tight and young looking and feeling.

For my fellow black people, you’ve heard the term, ”Black don’t crack” right? Well it does if you willingly do not take care of your skin and for my asians ”Asian don’t raisin”? NEWS FLASH!!!

Winter is the best time to double up on body butters, lotions, body oils. You will feel like butter and your summer skin will thank you.

In conclusion it doesn’t matter what race you are when it comes to moisturising. Take care of your skin. It isn’t too late to start because it doesn’t matter whether you are 25 or 45. As long as you start, I promise you will not regret having great moisturised skin + you’ll get to go ”Oooh my skin is so soft, so smooth.”

Thank me later.

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