My sweet tooth really comes out at this time of year! I am a sucker for Candy Canes and Christmas Chocolates! Let’s take a look at some festive treats!

You have the well known Candy Canes and the Christmas Tree Chocolates… but what else is for offer?

A much loved favourite has to be the Mince Pie… I personally am not a huge fan, but Jacob tried his very first one this year and he has fallen in love!
There are many different flavoured Mince Pies that you can get these days, so if you are not a huge fan, maybe trying some of the other flavours could open up a new door for you!

Trifle – It is not Christmas without a classic trifle for after your roast dinner! For many years, my family had a trifle competition between my mum and my gran to see who could make and decorate the best trifle! There were points given for presentation, taste and of course the scoop test!

Italy have their famous Pannetone, which is a sweet bread but also a much loved Christmas dessert. It is not something that I have ever tried, but I believe it goes very well with a serving of custard!

Eggnog! This actually originated here in England… I always thought that it was an American Christmas drink!
Eggnog is known as a ‘milk punch’, with brandy being the traditional alcohol that is added to the mix; but you can change it up with rum or cognac!

Fruitcake however, IS a US made treat! Again, this is not something I have tried, but I believe it is very tasty! There are many variations of fruitcake that you can make (or buy!) They are often made with fruit, nuts and liquors!

Gingerbread is another common Christmas treat, with many families making Gingerbread houses together as part of their festive activities! Gingerbread is believed to have originated in Greece!

Christmas Cookies are known all over the world! However, Canada are known for hosting Cookie Baking Parties, in which family and friends get together to bake and eat cookies and really get into the festive spirit.

What are your favourite festive treats?

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