Have you stopped attending parties? Or do you feel uncomfortable around people even when they come to visit your house? If yes, there is a high chance you might have developed a fear of people, anthropophobia.

Anthropophobia runs in the line of social anxiety and social phobia but all three conditions are different. Social anxiety is when you feel anxious and uncomfortable in social situations. Social phobia includes a lot of different types of phobias. Social phobias are the fear of specific social situations like public speaking, meeting new people, etc.

Anthropophobia is a type of social phobia in which an individual is afraid of people in general. Such people do not wish to be around people at all because they have an intense fear of most people.

Let’s understand anthropophobia a little better…

Anthropophobia: Definition

Anthropophobiacan can be defined as the fear of people however it is usually misunderstood as some other similar disorder. As we discussed earlier, it has a solid resemblance to social phobia but there is a lot of difference.

Anthropophobia, when very severe, can give rise to an intense phobic reaction even when they are accompanied by just one person. Such people often resort to using mail or telephones to communicate with other people. They completely isolate themselves because of the intense and irrational fear they have of other human beings.

Anthropophobia is a strong fear that one might have of people, any person big or small. They get so anxious and fearful around people that they choose to escape from any place regardless of the situation they might have been in.

The people we generally consider safe and harmless like our relatives, family, and friends are all treated as if they were strangers and could harm one anytime. It’s extremely painful to live with a phobia like anthropophobia.

Anthropophobia: Symptoms

Anthropophobia is not a common phobia but many people do experience some degree of anthropophobia. It’s important to know the symptoms of anthropophobia because if the fear of people goes untreated, it can have some severe negative consequences.

Anthropophobia can have a varied set of symptoms inclusive of physical symptoms and symptoms similar to other anxiety disorders. Let’s have a look at them;

Excessive fear and worry

Negative self-talk

Cautious, avoidant behavior

Altered view of their appearance

Exaggerated fear about having a bad body odor

Panic attacks

Trouble looking people in the eye

Dry mouth

Difficulty talking to people

Trouble looking people in the eye

Muscle tension

Fear of being judged or watched


Irregular heartbeat

Difficulty sleeping

Feeling unworthy or inadequate

Worrying about offending other people

Anthropophobia: Causes

Like many other phobias, there is no exact cause of anthropophobia or the fear of people. However, experts claim that your life experiences can play an important role in making someone develop conditions like anthropophobia.

Being afraid of people can also come from having experienced trauma in the past. A traumatic event involving a large number of people, like a stampede. Anthropophobia is a type of specific phobia therefore the causing factors are also very specific. There are a few other commonly assumed causes of most types of phobias and can cause anthropophobia as well.

Genetics can be responsible for one developing a fear of people. If you have someone in your family who has been diagnosed with some kind of phobia or anxiety disorder have a higher chance of developing phobias. Other than genetics, cultural background and chemical imbalance in the brain can also cause anthropophobia.

Anthropophobia: Treatment

Anthropophobia might be a rare condition but fortunately, it has a few treatment options available. After being diagnosed with anthropophobia, the first thing you should do is sit with your therapist and understand the severity of your condition.

After your therapist studies your condition and understands your irrational fear and how severe it is, he will put you up for a treatment option or a combination of treatments. Let’s have a look at all the treatment options for anthropophobia;


Exposure therapy

Talk therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Medication to control the symptoms

Relaxation techniques

Meditation and mindfulness

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about anthropophobia and its signs, causes, and treatment helpful, interesting and informative. Do share this blog with your friends and family because you never know who might be struggling with the fear of people or anthropophobia.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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