This year I took part in an online Christmas Book Exchange! This was hosted by the lovely Lauren and will hopefully be run again next year, so please do go and give her a follow if you would like to join in!

How it Works:

Firstly, all participants had to let the host know that they wanted to take part by a certain date.

Once the deadline arrived, the host set up a Secret Santa event on a popular app called Elfster, to do this she needed to add everyone email address to the event.

Then everyone was sent an email, asking them to set up their Elfster profile. For this I needed to add my address – but don’t worry, only you and your Secret Santa can see this, it is not public information.

After everyone was registered, we received a second email which informed us of who we had received (who we needed to buy for)

People are able to put together a Wishlist on the app to give their Secret Santa a helping hand with what to buy!

Our host politely asked that all gifts were posted by the 16th of the month (mainly due to the current postal strikes) to ensure that everyone would receive their gift on time.

Then, on Christmas Eve, we will all open up our gifts and discuss what we received in our Twitter Chat!

My gift arrived yesterday and it really made my day! I cannot wait to open it on Christmas Eve!

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