As simple as it may sound, sleep plays a huge role in your life, it affects your relationships, work, study etc. You need to get the right amount of sleep. Getting little to no sleep and staying up all night is really meaningless and it’s not good for you at all but…of course you’re aware of that and yet you still do it, why?

Everyone has different schedules, some work night shifts, others have projects to complete just to name a few, what’s important is through all that you give yourself enough time to rest, you have to take care of yourself no matter what. On the other hand, others can’t really help it. Some people have trouble sleeping due to their mental disorders.

”One sleep laboratory study found that youngsters with an anxiety disorder took longer to fall asleep, and slept less deeply, when compared with a control group of healthy children.”

I haven’t always had anxiety, it fortunately or unfortunately began in my early twenties and I noticed a pattern, I either slept too little or like depression (I had both at some point) slept way more than usual. I would sleep during the day and sleep extremely late which I hated because to much of my dismay, I was a morning person and I missed that.

Insomnia may also be a risk factor for developing an anxiety disorder, but not as much as it is for major depression. In the longitudinal study of teenagers mentioned earlier, for example, sleep problems preceded anxiety disorders 27% of the time, while they preceded depression 69% of the time.

I will be completely honest. I do not and will never love someone enough to put them above my sleep…maybe my mother..uhm..but even then…

My sleep was so bad a few years ago I would watch YouTube videos on how to improve it until I eventually had to see a GP. My mental health has solely gotten better by me sleeping on time, I still have my moments but it’s something I strive to continuously work on because sleep plays a major role on your mental well-being. ”I don’t need that much sleep” but you’re underrating or overeating? You wake up and don’t feel good? 4 hours sleep? Come on.

It’s easier said than done, but strive for the next week or two even month to improve your sleep, and you’ll see just how much better you’ll be feeling overall.

If you feel you’re still having trouble sleeping, I highly recommend seeing a professional.

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