By Diane Harrison

If you want to experience not only peace of mind but increased clarity of mind, there are a few means to getting there that are as effective as self-care. Let’s see why this is the case by exploring some helpful tips and resources, brought to you by Defying Mental Illness.

Eating for the sake of your mental health

Food is a vital component of our general well-being, which is why we should be making healthy choices every day – not just on the odd occasion. So, instead of stocking up the fridge and pantry with items that give you a momentary energy boost, choose fruit, nuts, or a healthy, nutrient-rich smoothie to help maintain your energy and focus levels throughout the day. Good self care is essential.

Sleep is just as vital as anything else

Sleep is not something that one of us should be taking for granted if we want to take our mental health seriously. After all, who isn’t familiar with those feelings of total exhaustion and mental fuzziness when we’ve had a bad night’s sleep?  Moreover, neglecting sleep can have even more of a disastrous impact on those suffering from mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, as sleep helps to stabilize our thoughts and emotions.

Don’t let your mind become overly stressed over finances

Let’s be honest; finances can be a huge cause of mental anguish, especially if our financial situation isn’t in the best shape. This is where being intentional about our finances comes in handy, especially when it comes to saving money where we can. For example, if you haven’t considered refinancing before, you might want to if you need extra cash quickly. This involves applying for a refinancing home loan with a loan value higher than your existing one so that you can make use of the difference between the two amounts after the smaller value has been settled.

Clear away the clutter

Suppose the very cause of your anxiousness is the fact that your home is in disarray because you just have too much stuff to sort through. If this is the case, and you’d rather spare yourself the hassle of sorting through everything until you have the time, or you’re in the right frame of mind, why not consider self-storage units to keep your extra belongings safe in the meantime?

..exercise is probably one of the most effective (and natural) ways to keep your mental health in check.
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Taking time for you

While it can seem counterproductive to take a step back every so often, the truth is you need to if you want to maintain optimum mental health. Failure to take time out for yourself can result in that much-dreaded condition known as burnout. Furthermore, reaching this point of utter exhaustion is not only detrimental to you mentally but also physically. That’s why it’s more than okay to relax when your body and mind tell you so that you can recover properly. The essence of self care.

Activities that can help strengthen your mental health

Regular exercise can do wonders for your mental health; hence, why we should be making the effort to exercise as much as possible, even if we’re feeling fine. Moreover, exercise is probably one of the most effective (and natural) ways to keep your mental health in check.

It just goes to show that although we may not always be consciously aware of how we are doing mentally, it is essential to do a quick mental health assessment to ensure we are doing as well as we think we are to avoid tripping up down the line.

By eating nutritiously, getting enough sleep, decluttering, limiting financial stress, and taking time for yourself, you can maintain your mental wellness for optimal health.

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