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When Senator John Fetterman checked himself in to receive treatment for clinical depression, the response in some quarters was an unfortunate reminder of the stigma that still exists around mental illness. 

This is the focus of an op-ed Spring Health’s co-founder and CEO, April Koh, wrote for Fast Company.

It’s important to normalize getting help. As April wrote, one of the biggest factors that can lead people to delay or avoid treatment is the fear of judgment from others or internalized shame about their own condition.

“Senator Fetterman should be celebrated for not only seeking treatment, but also for being honest and transparent about his struggles with depression,” she writes. “His candor will likely encourage others to pursue treatment, and it may even save lives.”

Despite a range of effective therapies, people seeking mental healthcare often face barriers, including affordability and provider shortages. We can’t let social pressures make mental health journeys even more difficult. 

In addition to dismantling those structural barriers, addressing the mental health crisis in America requires a culture of compassion.

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