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It’s easy to get so focused on the end result, or the next ‘thing’, that you forget all the positive steps you’ve already taken. But a little recognition goes a long way – you deserve to be proud of every achievement, and acknowledge each victory, no matter the size

Do you ever have days, or maybe months, where the challenges you’re facing feel insurmountable? Time is passing, but you seem rooted in place, making no headway, no matter how hard you try.

The truth is we’re so used to worrying about every stumble, or infinitesimal step back that we don’t often look over our shoulders to appreciate how far we’ve come.

Last summer, alongside a group of friends, I climbed the three highest mountains in the UK in 24 hours for charity – and it struck me what a real-life metaphor this was.

Every ascension offered spectacular views, but we didn’t dare take more than a swift glance around us to appreciate the passing beauty, due to the strict timeline.

As we progressed, that view became obstructed by clouds, or the path hidden behind outcrops, weaving between the folds of Mother Nature. And from the top? Elation at having actually made it, knowing we’d come a long way, but, in a literal sense, not being able to see it. Then, moving immediately on.

When bringing together this issue, our sixth anniversary edition, naturally it felt like a time to celebrate, to reflect on how far we’ve come. But in doing so, I realised how little we do that very thing in real life. How the passage of time sweeps us along, and we’re so focused on that next step that we don’t really appreciate all the ones we took to get there in the first place.

Climbing those mountains, every step was an uphill battle. I was bringing up the rear the entire way, worried about holding everyone back. But descending? I felt like I was flying down. Yes, I fell repeatedly, but did I get back up? Yes. Did I make it to the end? Yes.

Much like in life, we need to go at our own pace. We struggle and succeed uniquely, and above all, we’ll all get there in our own time.

You’ll get there in your own time.

Alongside covering this theme of celebration and appreciating the moment, our issue 72 print edition includes:

Engaging features such as an inside look at ‘career cushioning’ and why it’s trending right now, breaking age stereotypes, and the powerful effect of the five elements of wonder.

Effective hacks on re-establishing routines, recognising food allergies vs intollerances, self-care rituals, and supporting a friend through an infertility diagnosis.

Expert advice on topics such as the importance of pronouns and how to respect them, moving past shame, and how to address cortisol hormone imbalance.

Exclusive guided journaling pages helping you to recognise and celebrate your achievements.

If you take one thing away from this issue, know that you deserve to feel proud of every little win. That, much like the Japanese tradition of hanami teaches us, we need to relish the moment and celebrate our victories – we do ourselves a disservice to continue allowing time to pass us by without recognising them.

Happy reading,
Rebecca Thair

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