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Professor Kamaldeep Bhui CBE is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Oxford, Editor in chief of the British Journal of Psychiatry and a senior research fellow at Wadham college.

To celebrate Kam joining the MQ Science council, we asked him some questions about his life and work.


How does it feel to be joining the MQ Science Council?

Exciting to contribute to an incredible organisation working with amazing people, to make impact global mental health research and practice.


What first made you want to work in the field of mental health science?

Noticing mental health care was neglected, and causes of mental illness were complicated, with no easy solutions. Yet, the compassion and empathy through which research and care are delivered was refreshing. I knew as a medical student this was my career choice.


Have you seen a change in attitudes towards mental health since you first started working in this area?

Yes, there is much more awareness, openly tackling stigma and social exclusion and prejudice, and the research opportunities and potential impacts on human lives are immense. There is also so much more awareness of prevention and promoting mental health throughout the life course.


Is there anything you have learned in your research that changed how you look after your own health?

Learning about prevention in early life and throughout the life-course, including nutrition, exercise, nature, arts, and friendships.


You hold many roles, Professor of psychiatry, Senior research Fellow, Hon Consultant Psychiatrist, Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry and now MQ Science Council member. How do you juggle your time between them all?

I love learning and scholarship and making an impact, and these roles are complementary with cross-reads that enable me to bring more to each. There is no juggling, just careful co-ordination and it’s a privilege to be able to make impacts.


What are the big questions you hope that research can one day answer?

How to prevent mental illness, and provide better personalised treatments for people with severe mental illnesses to restore function and lives, without adverse effects.


What advice do you have for students wanting to go into the field of mental health research?

Do it. We need the best talent and you will never be bored or tire of the challenges and learning.


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