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Five years ago, in a riff on the theme of rape, Dos Centavos tackled drug induced harms and the inability of doctors to see, hear or believe the people they put on a poison who end up poisoned.

Dos Centavos was not the only post on this unfolding disaster.  Many other posts, like A Call to H*Arms, cover this central element of modern politics, science, and religion.  The Harmed are the Stone the Builders rejected.  They are the man injured on the roadside whom Popes and Presidents walk past with faces averted and only a Samaritan stops to help.

Dos Centavos is perhaps the most obscure of my many obscure posts.  It is reprised below with some alterations and an extension that make it less ambiguous.  It is also Part 2 of Here We Stand We Can Do No Other.  And finally it links to DD and AA groups on RxISK.

Harm and Trust

Do I trust you, can I trust the system, to believe me when I say I have been harmed? I have not mentioned the harm before now. There has been no option but to put up with being harmed, to avert my eyes from you when passing, to clean up any mess quietly.

My speaking up now surprises you.

I seemed “reasonable” when others ranted about their harms, were “hysterical” or took drastic action. The consequences to them have made many of us “reasonable”.

(See The Treatment was Great, The Patient DiedDear Luise, and all other posts on RxISK linked to the Medical Kidnap tag).

I am also wary about fracturing relationships. I have depended on older white men to look after me in the past. I admire a great deal of what they have done not just for me but for others. Much of the world they have created has brought me great joy.

I have no wish to create a divide with people I know, admire, and am inclined to trust, even though others tell me I simply don’t register the “micro-aggressions” coming from across a divide already there.

I hear ever more mention of “trauma”. I am told that an accumulation of setbacks can shorten my life. But neither going into therapy, nor paying someone to help me turn in on myself, nor collectively turning in on ourselves, nor taking pills look like answers to me.  Therapy looks like an opium for the masses.

I and others like me need to organize but even though I am black, and female, I am poorly placed to organize, and the Left – the Joe Bidens, Keir Starmers and Emmanuel Macrons – are even less likely to see me than the Right.  More likely to squash me underfoot.

The divides between women and men, blacks and whites, working-class and wealthy, some nations and others, are deep-seated.  But I am on the wrong side of an even deeper divide. You are fortunate, I am unfortunate. I am stigmatized because the medical sacraments of our day don’t work for me.

And whatever your willingness to reach out to women, blacks, and workers, you flinch from misfortune and from me. You are the cream of society – rich and thick – one of the elect for whom the sacraments work.

It wasn’t always like this.  You accepted that all can vote. You abolished slavery. And when you overcame tuberculosis, cholera, and leprosy you seemed to have tamed misfortune.

The Romans said that money doesn’t smell.  They took it and you take it whether it comes from women, blacks or campesinos but the Romans wouldn’t take it from lepers, who had to mint their own Dos Centavos as now do I.

You celebrate AIDs now, as though like tuberculosis you overcame it, but this embrace was forced on you by people like me. By the time people like me overcame AIDs, though, history was no longer on our side.

You are now spooked by any questioning of the weapons you once successfully used against misfortune, as though opening the lid of this earthenware vase will loose demons.

In this most delicate of areas, I could trust You once.  Now I can’t because whether you are white or black, male or female, from privilege or poverty, you have lost the courage to trust me.  This completes my misfortune.

I know that not everyone is believable.  I know some of us make things up, and in desperate situations do desperate things. I know that misfortune and adversity don’t make us better or nicer people. But a world in which most of us are not believed can no longer work.

Not being believed diminishes me. Not being able to believe diminishes you.  You now contaminate everything you touch, including me.

You trust in the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, when it is clear that all the articles about medical sacraments in these journals are Fake News and have been for more than thirty years.

Why do you still trust them rather than yourself or me? Why do you turn to guidelines framed from forgeries?

Hanging together you could, on our behalf, demand the data from the trials of drugs you give me – force on me either literally with mandates or detention orders or much more commonly and dangerously with soft power.  When you use force, I can see who the enemy are.  When you use propaganda, I have more problems because my friends, and family, become my enemy.

Whatever about helping me, why hang separately, when this can only lead to you being replaced by cheaper prescribers and ChatBots?  Why commit suicide?

The greatest source of premature death and significant medical injuries now is not infection, or cardiac events or cancers, or any other illness but you and your colleagues and what you do to me and to us. Now that you have most of us on 3 or more drugs, now that you have children on an increasing number of drugs of all sorts, now that life expectancy is falling, now that reproductive rates have fallen below replacement rates, now that rates of behavioral problems in infants seem to be increasing dramatically, where are you?

Are you waiting for a Leader? Let me tell you what has happened to the Leaders.

Veinte Euros

Dos Centavos was 5 years ago.

Five Years ago, Jorge Mario Bergoglio went to Chile where there were serious concerns about the sexual abuse of Chilean children by the clergy – All the Better for the Fishes. Up till this visit, and most of the way through it, he appears to have believed that the clergy who protested their innocence needed to be believed rather than the children, now adults, who claimed to have been abused.

At least in some legal systems, this is right. A person is innocent until proven guilty. But in failing to engage with people, with his flock, he was telling those who were abused that they were guilty, criminal, complaining without a warrant.

A cartoon caught the moment perfectly:

If you have faith you will believe in us but for us to believe you we must have proof.

Jorge seems to have recanted and realized his position was not just unsustainable but wrong.

But he has not recanted on the harms he has done and is continuing to heap on people harmed by medicines. He appears if anything to have doubled down on ignoring harms that he personally has made more likely.

The Catholic Church and others have been stridently opposed to abortion, concerned about miscarriages, supposed guardians of the idea that the Kingdom of Heaven has a special place for children.

The following observations are not anti-abortion or anti-anything else, they are a comment on a failure of leadership, a comment on hypocrisy, and a profound betrayal of mission.

Both before and after Jorge ascended to the Papacy, I submitted evidence to Cardinals, Bishops and Jorge himself, pointing to the evidence that SSRIs and other drugs can cause increased rates of birth defects leading to increased rates of terminations of pregnancy, in addition to increased rates of voluntary terminations, likely because of disinhibition, and increased rates of involuntary terminations (miscarriages).

The Church hierarchy has been made aware of the excess of suicides and harms that these drugs cause.  Of course Jorge and his cardinals and bishops are not in a good place to evaluate these issues themselves and so they will likely turn to advisors like Ian Hudson and others who embrace a new Religion – See The History of a Medical Psychosis – whose central tenet is to disbelieve anything anyone harmed by a drug says.

Jorge, by inclination or training, seems susceptible to a religion like this.  Religion is not just about holiness. It also has a societal function – keeping the herd together is one of the functions of established religions.

Jorge and other cardinals and bishops have been told that:

There is no access to clinical trial data on medicines or vaccines.

Close to all of the medical literature reporting trial results for on-patent drugs and vaccines is ghostwritten, hyping the benefits, and hiding the harms.

Clinical trials of these treatments that are negative on their primary or their most common outcomes are routinely reported as positive.

Clinical trials that have a significantly increased occurrence of harms have their harms airbrushed out of ghostwritten publications.

Regulators (FDA, Health Canada, EMA) do not get to see the full trial data.

Regulators approve treatments as working even when more people die on active treatment than on placebo.

Regulators approve medicines on the basis of negative studies and agree not to let the wider world know about this.

Regulators say nothing when companies publish negative studies as positive and make adverse effects of treatment, including death, vanish.

For many trials there are more deaths on active treatment than on placebo, but this does not lead regulators to warn about hazards as to do so would in their stated view deter people from seeking a benefit (a commercial benefit to companies rather than lives saved or a restoration of function).

Against this background, even before we got to see the inner workings of the Pfizer vaccine trial, which support all these points in spades, Jorge’s intolerance of people, who he may hear saying something like ‘My Body My Choice’, is misguided.

The issues here are not a matter of individual liberty but the safety of communities and peoples.  Jorge’s tolerance of what currently passes for clinical science is leading to death and disability from polypharmacy on a quite unbelievable scale, with falling life expectancies and reproductive replacement rates.


Jorge and other members of the hierarchy have been told that I have taken these issues to the kind of people – regulators, ministers of health, journal editors, supreme court judges and others – who might advise them on matters like this and none of those approached  have so far disagreed with the points above.

Yet when asked by Jorge, either these advisors must speak with forked tongues, or he must have his ears blocked.

Many years ago, the papacy checked out antidepressants and other psychotropic drugs with a bunch of advisers who were mostly likely to have told it that mental illness doesn’t exist – not a message the papacy was ever likely to endorse.  One of the advisers asked why the Church didn’t check with Healy on Ghostwriting and Data Access etc. They were told the Church wanted nothing to do with Healy who is clearly hostile as outrageous comments like The Cardinals of Psychiatry show – see Here and Silent Night in the Vatican.

Jorge likely gets better advice about global politics than technologies like drugs and vaccines. Just before he died, David Noble, a Canadian firebrand fingered a bias Western religions have toward technology – an Achilles Heel. Something a Satan can exploit.

Twenty Pieces of Silver

Jorge became the first Head of State to mandate the new Gene technologies – forcing his flock to have them.

The evidence the Pfizer vaccine works was based on 0.47% of the people in the trial. If we let the full human body stand for the roughly 40,000 folk in this trial, the approval was based on a Big Toe. This was known before Jorge mandated people to take it.

The statutes require evidence of effectiveness and safety before a treatment can be approved. Effectiveness means works, which ordinarily means saves lives and/or reduces disability. These ‘vaccines’ do neither. Nor do they reduce transmission.

In terms of safety, in the trials more people died or were hospitalized on ‘vaccine’ than on placebo and reporting systems point to hundreds of thousands of people seriously harmed or killed by the vaccine.

In addition, Augusto Roux, whom Jorge knows had been injured on these vaccines before Jorge put a mandate in place, as had some of the papal staff.

Quite aside from the injuries, the trials on which the mandate depends were ghostwritten with no access to the data, and conducted under the auspices of companies with a track record of fraud in conducting and reporting clinical trials.

What does Jorge do?  He issues a Silver Euro coin to celebrate the vaccines

Something to collect and store with your indulgences.


Some may think my use of Jorge’s first name rather than referring to him as the Holy Father, or His Holiness, or the Pope, is too familiar, and irreverent.

It is not meant to be irreverent. I am channeling Chekov.  In his story, The Bishop, Bishop Pyotr becomes ill.  His Bishopness isolates him from everyone, including his mother. Things only change when finally she gets round to calling him Pyotr again.

Jorge, like Pyotr, is a man – he’s just a man. His Office is not going to save us or him. Is not going to intervene even though we have now been wandering in this desert for over thirty years. Is not going to intervene when the people and their leaders start worshipping a Golden Artefact.

It’s the man who can make a difference.  And this man has a recent record of recognizing he has been badly wrong before.

This man has also been a champion for the environment.  But like pretty well everyone in Green parties and the environmental movement, he fails to see that the younger generation, led by Greta Thunberg and others, who are doing remarkable things to raise our awareness of environmental issues, are polluting themselves with prescribed chemicals to a greater extent that any comparable prior generation in human history.

At present he and others who are so concerned about the environment have a blind spot for the factors shared in common by the environmental and polypharmacy crises we face. Until these are recognized, only a disaster is likely to produce change.

To be continued in even more irreverent mode next week.

The post Dos Centavos – Veinte Euros first appeared on Dr. David Healy.

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