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Trusting And Expressing Your Opinions With Anxiety Also, are you me? Haha! I feel like you’ve written exactly what I’ve been struggling with, word for word. I’m really trying to get myself to express my opinions and speak out rather than conform. It’s been affecting me everywhere in my life and I’ve been looking for ways to overcome it. Speaking out during an injustice has also been a challenge as there have been many times when I don’t and feel extremely awful later. Thank you for your points, I shall try writing to express myself better. What I do now is I try and start conversations with close friends who have very polarizing views from me as I find it easier to debate on topics that I have very strong opinions on. Hopefully, that will help me in situations where a smaller opinion would be something I express with others too. It’s been a while since you’ve written your article. Have you been able to overcome most of your anxieties and express your opinions better now? I really hope you have! Have you found other methods to overcome them than the ones you’ve mentioned already? Thank you for your time!

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