Mental Podcast Show

By Dr David Laing Dawson

By late Tuesday afternoon I was ready to title a new blog on Donald J Trump: Congratulations Democrats, you just re-elected Donald Trump in 2024.

His motorcade had driven through the streets of Palm Beach and turned into his Mar al Lago estate, where a large enthusiastic crowd waited to celebrate their hero. All he needed to do was take the high road, accept the applause, and offer a positive view of the future of America. Millions were watching.

But no. I had underestimated the corrosion of narcissism.

I came close to feeling sorry for the man as he wandered through a long list of personal grievances, all presented within the cognitive processes of a errant 14 year old boy, summed up as:

1. I did nothing wrong

2. My older sister did much worse things

3. The teacher has it in for me.

He missed a golden opportunity to cement his certain nomination and election win. Instead he dragged us all into his personal black hole of grievances and infantile judgement.

And we may live to see another day.

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