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Can someone please inform Congress that when kids fill school bags in the morning, they shouldn’t leave school in a body bag?

You would think they’d already understand this, but they don’t. 

They focus on books they do not want kids to read, but not on the bullets that end their lives.
They focus on drag shows because they think it is morally wrong, but not the weapons of mass murder.
They focus on the unborn because they are pro-life, but do not want to protect the lives of kids already here.
This is Easter Sunday and we are supposed to appreciate the life of Jesus willing to sacrifice His life for the sake of everyone. Why are members of Congress willing to sacrifice the lives of kids for the sake of the NRA?
They keep offering “thoughts and prayers” and some say taking God and prayer out of school is the problem. What is their excuse when a Christian school was the latest place where three adults and three children didn’t make it home?
#BreakTheSilence and #TakeBackYourLife

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