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No matter what you need, these days, there’s usually a subscription box for it. If you’re interested in a monthly mindfulness subscription box, Mindful Souls is the premium option out there. Sure, there are a few others but Mindful Souls leads the pack, in my opinion. In this Mindful Souls review, we’ll go over what Mindful Souls is, what you get when you subscribe and all the other finer details.

image: Mindfulsouls.comWhat is Mindful Souls?

Mindful Souls is a mindfulness subscription box service. When you subscribe to Mindful Souls you’ll get a subscription box delivered to your door every month. Each box contains 6-8 unique items that are designed to help you live a more mindful life. Every item that is put in your box is hand-picked from the USA, India, Brazil, Morocco, and around Europe. This kind of ethical hand-picking helps to keep their prices down. Mindful Souls main focus is on crystal healing and the many types of jewellery that comes with that.

There are no repeating items in your boxes meaning that every month you get a box, you’ll get a new, unique experience to help you in your mindfulness journey.

What is crystal healing?

Those who practise crystal healing believe that crystals are capable of rebalancing a persons energy, preventing bad energy and boosting low energy. Whilst there is no scientific evidence for this, many enjoy the practise regardless.

Either way, If you’re into crystal healing, Mindful Souls has many products I think you’d enjoy.

Who is Mindful Souls For?

Mindful Souls is for anyone who wants to bring a little mindfulness into their life. Your boxes are full of bright, colourful items that will help you to practise mindfulness and allow you a nice little pause in your day to appreciate your unique items. However, your box won’t nessacarily teach you how to practise mindfulness.

Mindful Souls isn’t just for those who are practising mindfulness on a regular basis though. In fact, I think Mindful Souls would make a really lovely, thoughtful gift for someone in your life. There’s really nothing like Mindful Souls which, if you ask me, makes it a special service. Each item is of high quality so you won’t find anything tacky being delivered in your box.

The items you get in your boxes will brighten up your day and I believe, make you want to look into mindfulness more if you’re not someone that knows much about it.

What do you get in a Mindful Souls box? image

Mindful Souls comes in a neat little black cardboard box with pretty much all of the packaging being recyclable which is a nice touch if you ask me. As mentioned, every Mindful Souls box comes with 6-8 unique items. Whilst you’ll get an array of different types of products like essential oils and soaps, Mindful Souls is heavy on jewellery and more specifically, crystals and stones.



Gem jewellery

Small statues

Natural beauty products

Mystery items in every box


Description cards

Body soaps

Essential oils

Whilst Mindful Souls is primarily a mindfulness subscription box service, they also have a shop where you can buy many unique, specialist items.

Let’s take a look at the many different types of mindfulness items they sell.

Mindful Souls Crystals

Mindful Souls has a variety of different crystals that include wands made of amethyst, quartz and fluorite. There’s also citrine clusters, obsidian pyramids, quartz droplet stones, labradorite palm stones, crystal keychains, labradorite spheres, and more.

Mindful Souls Jewellery

As mentioned, jewellery is Mindful Souls main focus and they have a wide array of it on their site that includes ankle bracelets, fluorite necklaces, aroma necklaces, moonstones necklaces, larimar necklaces, moon rings, Magnetic germanium power bracelets, dream catcher necklaces, string bladelets, and much much more.

Crystal elixir water bottle

Mindful Souls sells a very interesting item – the crystal elixir water bottle. Apparently, the ancient Greeks would put gem stones in their water jugs to allow them to infuse with their water. This, they believed, would fend off diseases and have other benefits.

Of course, it’s not recommended these days because putting stones of any kind in drinking water will often have negative health effects. Mindful Souls water bottles include a plastic protective layer around the central crystal in their water bottles so the crystal never actually comes into contact with your water. Therefore, the water elixir’s are more of a fun quirk.

Mindful Souls also sells crystal lamps, dream catchers, glass bowls, agate night lights, buddha statues and incense burners.

Summary: Each monthly box includes 6-8 high quality products to help you on your mindfulness journey.

How much does the subscription cost?

A monthly subscription to Mindful Souls costs £39.99 a month which, according to Mindful Souls, includes items that are worth £100 in each box. Every box you receive will contain different items each month so you can be sure you’ll never receive the same item twice.

It’s hard to tell if the items you get in each box are really worth £100 but it as they all look and feel high quality, I’m sure they are at least near the £100 mark.

After you’ve bought your first box, all future boxes will be charges to your card on the 7th of each month unless you cancel your subscription.

How does Mindful Souls work? image:

If you want to subscribe to get your monthly box, all you need to do is visit Mindful Souls and place your first order using a card of your choice. You’ll then get your box delivered 2-6 working days later. That’s it. The thing I like about Mindful Souls is the fact you can cancel at any point, for whatever reason.

If you’re not happy with the service or your items, they also have a moneyback guarantee so if you’re interested in giving them a go there’s no risk involved.

If you ever receive a damaged item, all you have to do is contact their customer care and they’ll swiftly send you a replacement item.

Mindful Souls beauty range

There is a big difference between Mindful Souls Europe and Mindful Souls USA and that is the beauty range which is sold on the US site but not on their European sites. The new skin care range includes crystal infused beauty products like body butter, hair serum, face creams, face scrub, and body scrub.

Overall, the US site has more range than the European sites with more variety of crystals, jewellery and lamps, for example.

Mindful Souls VS Calm Box

Another popular mindfulness box is Calm Box so it’s always worth comparing two different items to see how they stack up against each other. The Calm Box is a US mindfulness subscription box service that offers primarily self-care related items in each box. Calm Boxes come with various different items like soaps, face masks, sweets and candles.

In my opinion, they are more generic items than those Mindful Souls offers and are geared more towards self-care than mindfulness. Calm Box is a great item in its own right but in my view it is better as a gift for someone else who maybe needs a bit of a pick-me-up. Mindful Souls is really the only mindfulness subscription box of it’s kind, especially because their items are hand-picked and carefully sourced for the specific purpose of mindfulness.

Mindful Souls review summary

If you’re big into mindfulness, crystals and specialist jewellery, Mindful Souls offers many mindful objects for you to meditate with. They’re not only great to look at and wear but a lot of their items would be great for group mindfulness exercises, in my opinion. That’s because there’s many interesting items to touch and smell and so with this in mind, I think you could use the different items you get each month to create very different mindful experiences for you and your friends if you meditate in a group.

Whilst I’ve said I think Mindful Souls is perfect for those who are very into mindfulness, the boxes would make for a fantastic one-off gift to a loved one, especially as I think it would be hard to find the different items they source from various places let alone for the same over all cost of £39.99.

The Mindful Souls reviews on Trust Pilot are good too but at an overall rating of 4.2, they could be better. The main complaint is the often slow customer service response rate but it’s also worth pointing out that there are many other reviews saying how good the customer service is, so it’s really up to you to try for yourself.

Overall, it’s a neat little product that has some very interesting items. You can visit Mindful Souls here.

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