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A- Z Coping Skills

You can cope with life’s challenges with this A-Z infographic from Ang Gallo.
Giving you 26 practical ways to process your feelings, we love this because every point is a reminder that de-escalating doesn’t have to be complicated. Just choose the next best thing – like eating an apple or screaming into a pillow.

Reminders for the Hard Days

Do you experience depression? This colourful list combats lies about our worth, and reminds us that our feelings aren’t final. Create by Wholehearted School Counseling, this is a great list to print out if you want to practice self talk, and rewrite the lies you believe about yourself. You can download a free high-resolution copy here.

What Triggered Me?

Have you experienced emotional response to something and don’t know why? Situations, words or memories can trigger emotions that link to past trauma. And while they may be small or insignificant to other people, they set us into a fight or flight response. Next time you experience a heightened emotional response to an every-day event, go through this list and ask what it triggered for you. Curated by the Gottman Institute, and drawn by Self Love Rainbow (formerly Blessing Manifesting), this is an excellent resource for relationships as well

What Emotions Feel Like in The Body

You are more than happy, sad or numb. This wheel of emotions by Lindsay Brahman helps us identify what we are truly feeling. Work outward in, and trace your behaviour to your emotion. Or, start with happy or sad, and go on a journey. This is a great resource for parents or caregivers, because you can build your child’s emotional literacy and regulation. But don’t just keep it for kids – this wheel gives you language to better understand yourself, your spouse and your friends as well! This image below is a watermarked version of Lindsay Braham’s graphic, which can be customized and purchased here.

5-4-3-2-1 Calm

Ground yourself with this easy calming exercise by TeleTherapy Tools. By going through the senses, these steps will put you back in touch with your body, calming your heart and stilling our mind. This infographic may be targeted at children, but the exercise is useful at every age. And the best part, is you can practice is anywhere! This poster is sold on Etsy as a digital download here.

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