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Is therapy once a month enough? My friend, there are two ways to answer your question. Both of them are right; you need to feel out what answer is yours.

Is Therapy Once A Month Enough?

Yes, going once a month is better than not going at all.

No, going to therapy once a month is not enough because it will hinder your progress and prolong the time spent in therapy, if you can financially and physically afford to go more frequently.

A whole wack of people globally (and most likely you) don’t fully grasp what therapy is like or what it can do for you long term. 

And that’s ok. 

Until recently, our society decided that talking about our mental health struggles and going to therapy for them was a taboo subject. Because of this, there are a lot of misconceptions about therapy.

One of those misconceptions is that most people do not understand the amount of learning and re-training needed to see a change in our mental health and happiness.

So, with that in mind, let me break these two answers down for you.

1. Is therapy once a month enough? YES

When your two options are going once a month or not going at all.

When you can only afford to pay for one therapy session a month out of your earnings.

2. Is therapy once a month enough? NO

When you can afford therapy more than one time a month.

When you want to see faster results from therapy.

How often should you go to therapy?

In a perfect world, our society will look at therapy in the same light as getting our bodies healthy.

You workout 3-6x a week, and you go to therapy the same 3-6x a week.

But even as I lead this movement, I understand the preset mindset that needs to change. And it does not happen overnight.

Instead, follow this schedule and go to your therapist 1x a week.

Going to therapy is like any other area in your life that you want to get better at. 

Would you take a course in College, then attend class once a month and expect to gain all the insight needed to pass the course?

The correct answer is ‘no,’ so treat your therapy investment with the same mindset you have when wanting to level up in life.


The average person should go to therapy two times a month at minimum. It would be more beneficial for them to go one time a week if they can afford the time and money to invest.

Yes, therapy every other week is a great place to start when going to therapy.

Going to forty-eight therapy sessions a year is a great amount to aim for. This will work out to going to your therapist every week for the year.

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