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Unfortunately, doesn’t make canceling your account/subscription as smooth as other online therapy platforms. But if you follow our steps below, I know you will be able to figure it out.

How To Cancel

To cancel your subscription or membership, follow these steps:

1. Log in

Log in to your account on using your credentials.

2. Account settings

Navigate to your account settings or profile.

3. Subscription

Look for an option related to subscription or membership management.

4. Cancellation

Locate the cancellation or termination option.

5. Follow instructions to cancel

Follow the provided instructions to cancel your subscription.

If you can’t find a specific cancellation option on the website, consider contacting’s customer support or contacting them through their provided contact information for assistance canceling your subscription.

What to do now?

I hope you are not giving up on therapy altogether. It’s normal to break up with a therapist or cancel a membership with an online platform like this.

Don’t let the mental health growth momentum stop because of this.

Take a different approach and nearby you for in-person therapy sessions

Find a new therapist that is online or in-person

Read up on how to get the most out of therapy 

Learn about the different types of therapy

Explore our favorite online therapy apps
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