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Trazodone is an FDA-approved antidepressant that’s prescribed to treat depression in adults and can also be used off-label to treat anxiety and insomnia. The cost of Trazodone can vary significantly, depending on whether or not you have an insurance provider, your individual health plan (if you do have coverage), and other factors like needing lower or higher doses. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how much Trazodone is without insurance, its cost if you’re covered, and how to get it for the best price.

Is Trazodone Covered With Insurance?

Most major medical plans cover prescription medications like Trazodone for anyone diagnosed by a doctor with depression or anxiety. It’s also generally covered by Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D drug plans. 

Because it’s a generic medication, getting your insurance to pay for Trazodone can be easier, and Trazodone cost without insurance will typically be much less than some brand-name drugs might cost you. 

However, it’s still important to check with your provider to ensure your policy covers this type of medication before filling your prescription so there are no surprises. 

Cost of Trazodone Without Insurance

The cost of Trazodone can vary greatly, ranging from $5 to over $50 a month. The average 30-day supply of 50 mg pills typically costs around $20. If you don’t use any sort of discount card or coupon, that price can soar to hundreds of dollars per year. 

Factors that impact the cost of Trazodone 

The price for Trazodone can be impacted by various elements, including the pharmacy you use to fill your prescription, your geographical location, the dosage and strength, whether you have insurance, and if you’re using a coupon card or manufacturer’s coupon.

Cost of Trazodone With Insurance

The cost of Trazodone with insurance will depend on more than just your insurance plan. Drug costs can vary based on factors such as the strength and quantity prescribed and any copayment your plan requires. You may also want to factor in the cost of a psychiatrist visit to get a proper prescription.

People who are insured can expect to pay about $25 on average for 30 pills that are 50 mg each. However, note that taking Trazodone 2 – 3 times a day is not uncommon, upping that monthly cost substantially. 

How to Get Trazodone Without Insurance

If you don’t have insurance, all hope is not lost. Nobody should have to go without mental healthcare or medication because they can’t afford it. You can usually find affordable ways to get this and other drugs. Use the following tips to help get the cost of Trazodone down. 

Speak to a pharmacist: Before trying to get Trazodone without insurance, talk to the pharmacist and ask specifically: how much does Trazodone cost without insurance? Then inquire about ways to reduce the price. They may provide insight on obtaining the medication without insurance coverage.

Comparison shop: You might be surprised to learn, but drug costs can widely vary from pharmacy to pharmacy — even if you’re looking at different pharmacies in the same town or area. So it can pay off (literally) to shop around.

Ask about patient assistance programs and discount cards: You can often find vouchers for Trazodone that will drastically reduce the cost of this drug. Be sure to ask if any discounts are available or do an online search for a manufacturer’s coupon.

Try online pharmacies: Many online pharmacies offer competitive prices on prescription medications such as Trazodone, which could make it easier (and more affordable), especially if you don’t have health insurance coverage or access to multiple pharmacies to comparison shop at.

*Be sure to research online pharmacies thoroughly before placing an order to ensure they’re legitimate and trustworthy.

Get a 90-day supply: Sometimes, a 90-day supply will be cheaper per pill than filling your prescription every month might be. Ask your doctor or pharmacy if this is an option. 

Ask your doctor: If all else fails, check with your doctor about other options for finding medication at a discounted rate. 

“Although Trazodone is a low-cost prescription drug, significant cost savings are still possible. Manufacturer coupons and patient assistance programs may even reduce costs to nothing. Although, these often have strict eligibility requirements and enrollment procedures. So, make sure you look at all your options before deciding.”

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