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While Talkspace does allow you to pause your account, they only let you pause it for a maximum of seven days. If you need to pause your account for more than a week, contact Talkspace at for assistance.

How to pause Talkspace on the mobile app

Log into Talkspace app

Click “Gear wheel”

Click “Payment plan”

Click “Pause therapy”

Follow instructions to pause account 

How To Pause Talkspace On The Mobile App

Follow the steps below to pause your Talkspace account on the mobile app.

1. Log into Talkspace app

Log in to your Talkspace account using your registered email address and password.

2. Click “Gear wheel”

Once you’re logged in, navigate to your account or profile settings, it will look like a gear wheel. Look for an icon or menu option that represents settings, usually located in the app interface’s bottom right or top right corner.

3. Click “Payment plan”

Within the settings menu, search for a section related to your subscription, billing information or payment plan.

4. Click “Pause therapy”

On the payment plan page, click on pause therapy. For clients with multiple subscriptions/rooms, you’ll need to locate the correct room details to update.  

5. Follow instructions to pause account 

Follow the instructions to pause your account. You can set yourself on hold for a maximum of 7 days.

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To cancel your Talkspace account while it’s paused, go through the same steps as if you were to cancel the account if not paused.

Yes, you can take a break or pause during your therapy sessions; however, your therapist will most likely still end once the allotted time paid for is up. Which usually is sixty minutes.

Yes, you can cancel Talkspace anytime. Once canceled, you can use up the rest of your pre-paid sessions or time. 

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