There have been times in our lives when we have – intentionally or not – judged others for their actions, words, or behaviors. Situations and events, even. It’s become a subconscious habit in many of us while some of us can easily reign in our judgment. Or well, be less judgmental towards others.

I mean, have you ever met someone for the first time and based their personality on just their look and appearance? I have, unfortunately, been at the end of that judgment and would not recommend it.

There are times when we’re scrolling through Instagram and think about the outfits being flaunted or hairstyles being shown-off. We make innocuous comments about it, but inadvertently, we’re still making subtle judgments.

If we define the term, “Judgment”, it’d go something like this; having or displaying an overly critical point of view. At the heart of it, judgment is an ability that helps us assess situations, relationships, and even people around us. It’s an ability that helps us make careful decisions, but it’s also a skill that, if not wielded with care, can make us bitter and hypercritical of others.

In this article, read the characteristics of a judgmental person and how to be less judgmental of others – including situations and relationships.

Characteristics Of A Judgmental Person

To list the characteristics of a judgmental person, it’d go like this;

They are overly critical of others

They make negative comments and presume things without collecting the facts

They see things through a critical lens, that is often biased

They don’t carry empathy for others

They put down others to feel superior to them

They see other people as rivals but not peers

They are often unsatisfied with life

What you may not understand is that there are benefits of being less critical and less judgmental of others. When you have an open mind, you look at things from a different perspective (Outside the box, if you may) and have the ability to gain insight into the most obvious things.

By being less Judgmental, you also show empathy to others and carry compassion for those who are different in their thinking than you.

When you are less judgmental, you allow yourself to think more positively about things and life, in general. And we all know that having a positive mindset toward life can help us live a healthier and longer life.

And lastly, when you are less judgmental in a relationship, you allow trust and vulnerability to be there in the relationship. You also allow yourself to build better and more meaningful connections in your relationships.

Now, how to be less judgmental? Take a look at these 6 ways!

How To Be Less Judgmental? 1. Know That You Are Being Judgmental

The first thing you need to do is to become aware that you are being judgmental. That’s going to be the first step to learning how to be less judgmental. Pay more attention to your inner talk and look out for sentences such as;

“What are they wearing?”

“They should not be doing it this way”

“They are so careless”

These seemingly innocent comments can also translate as being judgmental.

2. Challenge Your Thoughts

Now that you’re aware that you are being judgmental, you need to ask yourself “Why?” and challenge your thoughts. Did you form this comment when you had the full picture? Or did you make this comment without knowing all the facts? Find out why you’re being this judgmental and if you can’t, then keep your opinion neutral.

3. Be Aware Of Your Biased Views

Now, you need to be aware of your biased views too. Why did you judge this person based on their appearance, for instance? Is it because you’ve been taught this way? Or did an experience in the past make you this biased? While doing this, keep in mind that people are different and come from different cultures and backgrounds. Try to keep an open mind and put yourself in their shoes to see things from another perspective.

4. Practice Being Empathetic

Empathy is an important skill to have and can change your whole perspective. If you’re trying to be less judgmental, then you need to practice empathy and compassion for others, even if they look different, speak another language, or dress differently.

Think about the time when someone judged you based on your looks. How did it feel? Let that experience guide you to be more empathetic and compassionate towards others.

5. Keep An Open Mind

Read books, watch diverse movies, and expand your knowledge on different topics. Let yourself learn about different cultures and open yourself up to new ideas and opinions, even if they don’t match yours. Meet as many new people as you can and talk to them about their experiences. Try new activities and try new cuisines. Travel, if you can, to know more about the world. The idea is to expand your horizons and knowledge.

6. Change Your Mindset

This could be challenging, but with practice and patience, you can learn to change your mindset. If you find yourself thinking negatively or critically towards a situation or a person, consciously redirect your thought to a positive one. You can also practice listing all the positive things that happened to you in the day in a journal. This exercise can eventually help you change your mindset about different things in life.


We all have been guilty of judging others at least once in our lives. It’s a habit that can help us make smart and careful decisions but if not used correctly, can make us a negative person in the eyes of others. To be less judgmental, learn to keep an open mind and challenge your thoughts to change your perspective.

I hope this blog will help you learn how to be less judgmental in your life. For additional support and help, you can write to us at or DM us on social media. If you have some tips to share, then comment below. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Take Care!

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