Growing up, we’re all faced with criticism that we like to think helped us, but in reality, constant criticism might have done more harm than good. I accept that criticism is an important part of our self-growth, but I also understand that we need to balance that criticism. Today, I’m asking you to balance it out by honoring yourself.

You’ve done your fair share of sacrifices. Led generous lives, always taking care of others, but who has taken care of you? Amidst all the sacrifices, did you let yourself be a little selfish?

Hey, it happens! That’s what we’re taught, right? To take care of others and not be selfish all the time. So, when it’s time to honor yourself and give yourself some reprieve, you’re bound to feel uncomfortable. After, what seems like a lifetime, of ignoring your needs, you might feel guilty for honoring your needs in turn.

I get that, I really do. That’s why, today, I’m asking you to take some time and honor yourself. You deserve it and rightly so.

Now, you might be asking, “What does it mean to honor yourself?” Let me tell you!

Why Should You Honor Yourself?

When I say, “honor yourself”, I mean to respect, admire, and appreciate yourself and all the efforts and sacrifices you’ve made in your life so far. Honoring yourself is not about stroking your ego or putting yourself on a pedestal too high. It’s about seeing who you are and appreciating yourself for it.

Honoring yourself means that you see your values, beliefs, and desires, and you stand firm with them. You take accountability for them with respect.

So, why should we honor ourselves?

Well, honoring yourself is a way to tell others that you are true to yourself, your values, your beliefs, and your desires. It shows that you have more to give and respect. It’s one of the best ways to tell yourself and others that you respect yourself, treat yourself with the kindness you give others, the understanding that you show others, and accept yourself for who you are.

Honoring yourself is at the most, the very foundational step of self-love. Here are some subtle ways you can honor yourself.

How To Honor Yourself Everyday? 1. Be Honest With Yourself

You can’t honor yourself until you’re honest with yourself. Truthfully, honesty and honor are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other. You need to realize that you’re only hurting yourself more by being dishonest with yourself.

So, check in with yourself and ask this question; “What are my feelings telling me?” Listen to them and start by honoring them. Journaling can be a good start.

2. Allow Yourself Some Downtime

It’s normal to feel exhausted after putting up with day-to-day stressors, but you can’t let them drag you down and lose the appreciation you deserve. When you feel your energy going down and feel like you’re losing the need to care for yourself, take some time to unwind.

You can try to do what you love – take a walk in the park, meditate, listen to your favorite music, get that massage you’ve been meaning to, or just take a relaxing vacation. Listen to your needs and give yourself some downtime.

3. Set Healthy Boundaries

You may not realize this but setting boundaries is one of the best ways you can honor yourself and show some love to yourself. It’s a skill that I believe everyone should know. Setting boundaries might feel uncomfortable at first, but in the long run, you’ll thank yourself for this.

You can start small. Turn off your phone when you’re off work or need some alone time and allow yourself to not say “Yes” to any request that goes beyond your capabilities. As you learn to do this, you’ll feel like appreciating yourself more.

4. Hang Out With Supportive People

As I said, constant criticism can do more harm than good so if you find yourself surrounded by people who are not supportive of what you do or who you are, take a step back. No one has the right to belittle you or demean you, and if it’s happening to you, remove yourself from such a toxic environment.

Instead, choose to hang out with people who support you, who share your energy and enthusiasm, who boost your creativity, and who allow you to be your true self without judgment.

5. Make Room For Self-Growth

If you’re in a relationship, then you may feel the need to do everything with your partner. However, that’s not how it should be. You should have room to pursue your individual interests, hobbies, and passions. A healthy space occasionally can be great for your and your relationships’ growth.

To honor yourself and your needs, you need to encourage yourself to create room for self-growth and self-development. You need to focus on more than just your partner and the relationship.

6. Make Yourself A Priority

Do not wait for your other priorities to check off before you allow yourself some time. Whatever the situation, you need to make yourself a priority and work on it. Without doing this, how will you assure yourself that you are respecting and honoring your needs?

Make a schedule and put yourself on it. Don’t wait for other things to come first. If you do that then something new will come up every time, bumping you off the schedule.

7. Respect *All* Of You

When I say honor yourself, I say honor all of you! This includes your spiritual needs, mental needs, emotional needs, and physical needs. Listen to what your mind, heart, and body are telling you and fulfill those requests.

This means eating when you’re hungry, sleeping when you’re sleepy, and resting when you’re tired. Notice every little thing and action your body makes. Feel what you need and get it done.

8. Seek Support But Make Your Decisions

When you are unsure about how to honor yourself and your needs, reach out for support. Seeking help is a sign that you care about yourself and that you want to work on yourself. A professional or a trusted loved one can be a good choice.

Once you get a piece of advice, choose to either follow it or make your own decision. Allow yourself to listen but if the advice isn’t what you need, then honor yourself by making your own choice.

In little ways you can learn to honor yourself, respect yourself, and accept yourself as you truly are. I hope this blog helped you understand the importance of honoring yourself and your needs, and how you can honor yourself.

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Take Care!

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