Do You Remember Ruby Wax?

When I was a kid I remember Ruby Wax being on 2 of my favorite shows… The BIg Breakfast and Absolutely Fabulous…. Fast forward 10 or so years and we learn that she gave it all up to go study Psychology at Oxford University and now is one of the leading experts in Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy…. Even for the most sinical of us that’s impressive.

I first noticed Ruby Wax’s presence in the mental health world through her debut book “Frazzled”, where she shares her journey struggling with mental health and how the practice of mindfulness brought her back from the brink of suicide.

This book was my first introduction into Mindfulness…. I’d never heard the term or what it was about before but now it’s a practice I use everyday and it’s probably one of the most effective tools I have to help me deal with my day to day mental health.

I will do a blog dedicated to mindfulness but in this post I wanted to share with you my thoughts and feelings on finishing her latest offering “And Now for the Good News: To the Future with Love”.

“And Now For The Good News” By Ruby Wax – A Review

“Nothing will change until we change the lens through which we see the world” – Ruby Wax

In her latest book, “And Now For The Good News”, Wax takes on a more positive note compared to her previous offerings as she focuses on the good news stories that usually end up buried under depressing headlines.

The first thing I notice about her is her writing style… It’s a real talent she has being able to spin a sentence and ,find the humor in the darkest of places. In the book she manages to break down some pretty difficult and complex issues into bite size chucks that are both relatable and easy to understand.

In the book she covers a range of topics, including mental health, education, community, climate change, and social justice and Wax draws on personal anecdotes, expert interviews, and research-based insights to provide practical tips and tools for readers to make a difference in these areas.

For example, in the chapter on community, Wax explores the idea that people work best collectively, highlighting a group in Bristol who created an alternative energy company that benefits the ,community. She explains how they have been able to produce energy that’s affordable and to create jobs without relying on government funding…. A welcome reminder for us all that we are very capable of doing very extraordinary things when we put our mind to it.

One of the chapters that i connected with the most was the sixth one, about hope. In the chapter, Wax tells stories of people who have been hit with a devastating diagnosis but have not given up….. People that have refused to wallow in self-pity and instead chosen to find a way forward.

She also shares her own stories of struggling with depression and how she found a way to the other side and this I connect with… ,We all have the ability to use our struggles and change them from being a weakness into a strength and in my experience it’s the ones that have suffered the most that have developed the best skills and abilities to help others.

Ruby Wax And Mindfulness

In all of her books Ruby Wax talks about mindfulness. She explains how becoming more aware of her own thoughts and emotions helped her learn how to respond to them in more thoughtful and healthy ways…. She goes on to show how practicing mindfulness has numerous physical and mental health benefits, including ,reducing symptoms of depression, improving sleep quality, and boosting immune function.

Her willingness to be vulnerable with us, in my eyes is why she is at the top of her game. The visibility she gives to issues around mental health not only breaks down the stigma around it, but shows us all that it’s OK not to be OK and more importantly it doesn’t have to be the end. Taking control and changing the way we think through mindfulness can help rewire our brains to cultivate a positive and resilient mindset. I find this message of hope and resilience more relevant than ever in today’s world, where it can be sometimes easy to get overwhelmed by the challenges we face.

In conclusion, I love the book…. Admittedly, it’s very different from her previous offerings but I find that a refreshing change.


I had to critique it. The only thing I would say is some chapters could have been looked into a little more deeply but I don’t think that is what this book is about so if you’re just getting into Mindfulness this is a great introduction for you.

,And for those of you that just need a little uplifting and inspiration, pick up a copy of And Now For The Good News, and you won’t be disappointed.

As always I hope you enjoyed the blog. I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave your comments, questions and feedback below

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