Picturesque UK Breaks to Take This Winter

Getting away with your loved ones for a winter break can be an exciting idea. From decorations and dinners to local attractions and festivities, exploring the UK in winter can give you some of the best and most beautiful chilly days out. So pack up your woollen gloves and windproof umbrella, and head out to […]

Why aren’t I healed?

Why aren’t I healed? Why have the symptoms come back? Why am I ill or sick when others are healed? How do I deal with it? The post Why aren’t I healed? appeared first on Mindful of Christ.

Challenges Autistic and ADHD Children Face at School and What Can Help

There is a reason why 92.1% of children with school attendance difficulties are neurodivergent, with 83.5% being autistic (according to one sample by Connolly & Mullally, 2022). And why children with Special Educational Needs are 50% more likely to struggle with school attendance (Office for National Statistics, 2021). And why 31% of autistic children and […]

Introduction to Kayla Chang, Author of ‘Speaking Out About Self-Injury’

Introduction to Kayla Chang, Author of ‘Speaking Out About Self-Injury’ After reading this I started to look at self-harm as something more serious, stopped to cover my scars and got some help. And other advices were really helpful in my journey. And now I almost a month clean. Again, I really want to say thank […]

How Is Behavior Therapy Different From Psychoanalysis?

Our minds are a work of miracle and mystery, and sometimes, we need guidance to help us make sense of all the twists and turns that our minds go through. Some people find help in the form of self-reflection and meditation, while others find themselves seeking therapy to help them make sense of it all. […]

What is the Polyvagal Theory? Origin and Polyvagal Exercises

Recently, it has been discovered that the interaction between a few parts of the brain can heavily influence our physical, emotional, and mental health. There has been a lot of discussion on the influence of the vagus nerve, to be very specific. Polyvagal theory has been proved many times throughout history with the results it […]

Be a part of my new book project!

Hello dear beautiful voyagers, I’m embarking on my most ambitious writing project to date and I need your help! I’m looking for a wide range of perspectives from people who have experienced mental breakdowns. My goal is to help readers understand what the landscape of a mental breakdown (a period of weeks or months when […]