We all know meditation is all about closing eyes; focusing on the breathing pattern and being in the present moment. We are also completely aware of the mental and physical health benefits of meditation but you might not know that there are thousands of ways to meditate like pet meditation, candle meditation, metta mediation, and more to seek benefits.

Mirror gazing meditation is one of them and you might be amazed to know that it is unique and a different approach to meditation. Mirror gazing is different/unique because it involves mindfully gazing into a mirror.

But, that’s not it, there’s so much to know about this type of unique meditation form. In this blog, we will be discussing what mirror gazing meditation is, how it helps, and how to perform it.

Overview of Mirror Gazing Meditation

How often do you pass through a mirror and enjoy a quick glance throughout the day? What do you generally observe when you pass by a mirror? Maybe look at your clothes, appearance, hair, eyes, makeup, or teeth. Whenever we look into the mirror, we appreciate ourselves, and that little pause of gazing into a mirror increases our self-confidence.

Regardless of appearance and image, if you don’t enjoy gazing into the mirror, I bet you’re missing a lot of deeper meanings in yourself. According to psychologists, mirror gazing meditation is a unique approach because it helps in boosting self-compassion and self-kindness.

Mirror gazing meditation is different because we don’t have to close our eyes and draw our attention internally. It’s all about making eye contact with the reflection. This practice is known to be deeply intimidating because it needs us to spend a few mindful minutes sitting without our thoughts. It helps in building a more positive perspective.

If you avoid gazing at the mirrors due to self-loathing or any other internal conflict, this might be challenging for you at first but with time, you will be able to promote a positive outlook with the help of this meditation.

How is Mirror Gazing Meditation different from other forms of meditation?

Mirror gazing meditation is a meditative practice that is completely different from mindfulness exercises or other meditation styles. It works by helping you learn more mindfulness, promotes a sense of relaxation, helps you grounding, and stays calm amid all the chaos inside and outside. Two major differences of this meditation is the use of a mirror and focus on you to learn more about your feelings and thoughts.

It is the best meditation to manifest on, ‘Looks are not everything and it’s inside what actually counts.” This meditation helps you learn that an attractive feature never counts as an appealing personality.

It is considered an effective meditation form because it offers various benefits like self-awareness, stress-free life, and helps you process emotions. Let’s explore some more benefits of mirror gazing meditation.

Benefits of Mirror-Gazing Meditation

Below are some of the benefits of practicing mirror gazing meditation:

1. Increases self-compassion

Mirror gazing meditation helps you feel more comfortable about your personality and reflection. It makes you accept your weaknesses and imperfections and helps them to convert into strengths. Additionally, it helps people embrace a more forgiving and realistic perspective which makes you worthy of love and respect. Moreover, it also helps in reminding you that you must self-forgive, acknowledge, and avoid self-criticism.

2. Increases emotional awareness and authenticity

It feels very challenging to process emotions but now we can truly feel ‘who we are’ and ‘what we want’ with the help of this meditation. In this meditation, you don’t have to hide anything. It will help in breaking through all your negative thoughts, worries, feelings, and self-doubt.  Looking at yourself for a few minutes helps in practicing authenticity.

3. Improves sense of self

Spending more time gazing at a mirror can help people know themselves better. When they acknowledge their feelings and process their emotions, they try to affirm and validate their traits. It increases your self-worth, strengthens you internally, and avoids self-doubt or judgments that you often pass.

Step-By-Step Guide to Practice Mirror Gazing Meditation

If you don’t like to spend time gazing at a mirror or looking into your eyes, commit to giving it a try at least for a week. In order to practice this meditation, you will need a large mirror to see your face. Follow the below-mentioned steps to practice mirror gazing meditation:

Stand in front of themirror and make eye contact with your reflection. Set a timer of 10 minutes.

Try to focus on your facial expressions, thoughts, and breathing.

Try to shift your focus to sensations and the temperature of your body.

If you find yourself grasping negative thoughts or criticism, slightly turn your focus to your reflection. Try to hold your gaze and radiate kindness.

Keep repeating the process till you start feeling stress and judgment-free. Try to reflect on the depths of your inner self.

Frequently Asked Questions 1.Why does looking in the mirror calm me down?

According to a study, when we look into the mirror we automatically reaffirm our sense of self and this helps regulate our emotions and also helps in maintaining a face-to-face conversation with others.

2.Are mirrors good for mental health?

According to a study, looking in the mirror for a longer time can help reduce the levels of stress and anxiety. Additionally, it can promote better sleep and improve skin health.

I hope this blog helps you with understanding all you need to know about mirror gazing meditation for reducing stress and increasing your focus. Comment down and share your views on the same. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading and keep meditating!

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