Introduction to outstanding self-discipline examples that will help you

Welcome back to part two of our self-discipline series! Last week we discussed the importance of self-discipline and how it is essential to success. It’s time to start putting these concepts into action and look at some outstanding examples that can help you develop self-discipline.

These examples will give you insight into how you can apply yourself to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Whether using positive reinforcements or selecting a specific timeline, these strategies will surely get you on the path toward success. 

So let’s take a closer look at what it takes to create an atmosphere of self-discipline and how you can use this knowledge in your life.

Self-Discipline Examples Of The Super Successful

We are going to look at what the world classifies as super successful. Please remember that this is not always exactly as the Bible sees it as successful. They are sometimes not the same. We will discuss the Bible’s view of self-discipline in week four. 

There are those we call successful. Those people have mastered the art of self-discipline. They do not hint at the habits of self-discipline; instead, they practice and improve on them daily. 

You can use the same habits as those before you to be successful. Modeling what they do will advance your rank from just getting along to being super successful in everything you do.

The road to success is paved with hard work, dedication, and self-discipline. Without a doubt, those who have achieved greatness in life did so through countless hours of training their minds and bodies to accomplish their goals. 

But what about the super successful? What sets them apart from the rest? It indeed boils down to massive action.

The super successful know that it takes action in everything they do and practice this daily. However, they pump it up and take ‘massive action,’ which means an enthusiastic approach toward accomplishing their dreams. 

This includes taking risks, pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone, and always focusing on the end goal. They also understand that nothing will be handed to them on a silver platter; instead, they obviously must work hard for every result they wish to achieve.

No matter what the target is, they put intense focus on it, and this is what makes it achievable. They have the self-discipline daily to move towards their goals, breaking down any barriers that stand in their way.

Set yourself apart from the pack

The super successful understand themselves completely. If they see another successful person getting up at 4:30 am and crushing their goals, it does not mean it will work for them. 

They know when their energy and focus are at their peak, and that is when they do their best work. For example, this might be the morning, but for others, it may be much later, such as between 9 pm and 2 am. They build their habits around the times that their bodies are in peak performance mode.

Be decisive 

Have you ever heard the term “wish-washy?” It means the inability to make a decision and stick to it. Some people are masters of this, which holds them back from true success. 

They tell themselves that they will take action and then talk themselves out of it, only to replace it with a different activity. Super successful people make remarkable decisions. 

They act on those decisions and then review the progress. If the results are not desired, they alter the course slightly until success happens. In fact, this habit keeps them from self-sabotaging, which leads to self-doubt and other negative thought processes.

Be steadfast

It is terrific when you are passionate about what you are doing. To be successful, there will be times when it is extremely dull or seemingly too hard. Those who are not successful get distracted or give up. 

The super successful have built the daily habit of pushing through boredom, discomfort, or what seems to be a tough challenge. They love to see the results after they have flexed their self-discipline muscles and achieved success. 

In this case, the super successful dislike distractions and build the habits necessary to avoid or eliminate them. 

Prioritize tasks

Many successful people have the discipline to limit social media, which can waste time. They are not afraid to delegate tasks to others. The super successful have the self-discipline to plan the night before and set up a calendar of to-do lists or even block time for everything they do in a day. 

They understand what their high-value tasks are, and they ensure that those are completed every day. In addition, they discipline themselves to do the most challenging job of the day first, as it will set up the rest of their day for success. 

Make an action plan.

You deserve to succeed and be rewarded for taking massive action. To be super successful, start by listing the areas where you lack self-discipline. 

Make an action plan of how you will build new daily habits that will build up your self-discipline. Remember to reward yourself as your new habits get installed.

It’s important to remember that hard work and dedication are essential components of success. Taking massive action and self-discipline are key life skills that can help you succeed. To be successful in life, you must have the courage to put yourself out there and take risks. 

Conclusion to outstanding self-discipline examples that will help you

To conclude, it is also essential to stay focused on your goals and not get distracted by distractions or others’ opinions of you. Self-discipline means setting goals for yourself and sticking with them, even when things get difficult or uncomfortable. 

It also means ensuring that your actions align with those goals. Finally, remember to reward yourself when you accomplish something great! Celebrate your successes no matter how small they may seem – they add up over time!


Don’t forget that part three is coming next week, where we will look at more examples of self-disciple and then close week four with Bible verses regarding self-disciple. 

Come back the next two Fridays to finish this series on self-discipline. 

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