Thursdays with NAMI: Rebuilding mental health after side effects lead to psychosis

Thursday, February 2, 7:00pm

Today Natalie Elliott is the vice president of NAMI South Mountains. What led her to NAMI was a psychotic episode that happened after she took Neurontin for fibromyalgia.

“The pain was in my psychosis,” she said. “It felt like the burning of hell.”

Her doctor prescribed the drug in early January 2022, and shortly afterwards she began to hear voices. She believed she was talking to a Goddess; there were also demons trying to reach her, she said.

For years Natalie has lived with depression. Hallucinations were completely new. She went to two local hospitals in early 2022 and was told she was dehydrated. Finally, on April 1 she drove 30 miles to a larger facility. They identified her symptoms as side effects of Neurontin. When she stopped taking the drug, the voices disappeared.

Natalie is a home maker with three beautiful children. She loves crafts, drawing, journaling, and writing. In the past year she has grown into the role of mental health advocate. She now feels safe in her recovery, and her faith is strong. Join us to hear her story. This event is free and open to the public. Find us on Facebook Live ( or register to participate on Zoom:

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