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Whether you’re packing for a new year on campus, thinking through your gap year, enrolling in a community college, or grabbing your stoles for graduation, embarking on the next chapter of your life is often exciting, but also a little scary. There can be a lot of unknowns that can leave you feeling uncertain and having the right support can help you to feel confident and grounded. TBG U was designed to help you strengthen your voice, sharpen your knowledge, and affirm who you are and who you’ll become. Our goal is to create relevant and accessible resources, content, and experiences to help you thrive at this stage of your life and beyond.

This episode of TBG U focuses on choosing the right college for you. Some factors to consider in this decision include finances, staying local vs. moving away, HBCU vs. PWI, and many more. To help us think through some of these choices, we are joined by special guests Caitlyn Kumi, an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google and the Founder of Miss EmpowHer and Phylicia Currence, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of College by Her.

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