We have heard many times that a relationship is made of equal parts of both partners. But, is it really true? I’ve never come across a couple where both partners did exactly what they are supposed to do in that relationship.

A 5050 power dynamic in a relationship sounds amazing but I think it is very difficult to get to that equilibrium. We are always trying to give our best to the relationship but that doesn’t mean that’s enough.

However, I don’t think it’s important to have a 5050 relationship. It’s okay to have imperfections in a relationship until it starts affecting the relationship and your mental peace. Unfortunately, some relationships do take an ugly turn when the husband and wife do not share a similar power dynamic.

If you are stuck in a similar relationship where your wife dominates your relationship and you have to submit to her, this blog is just for you.

What Is The Psychology Of A Dominant Female/ Male Partner?

Whether a person is dominant or submissive completely depends on the kind of personality they developed. Your personality is molded by all the experiences you have had in your life, good or bad.

The most common cause of a female choosing to be dominant can be because of the challenge she has faced in her life. It can be because she had to take on responsibilities early on in life or was fortunate enough to have had all their demands fulfilled.

Most dominant females have a superiority complex which controls their thoughts and actions. There is nothing wrong if your wife/girlfriend has taken the reins in her hand unless she rejects all your suggestions and only does what she wants.

How Is Dating A Dominant Woman?

Living with a dominant partner can take a toll on your mental health. The problem with dominant people is that they don’t think that their partner is not capable enough to take any responsibility. Even if they do know you can, they always want to have the last word, hence the dominance!

There are some people who have a dependent personality and for those people having a dominant female taking all their decisions might work. However, dating a dominant woman can be challenging.

No relationship is perfect, there is always something that doesn’t work and choosing to get over that and making the relationship work is okay. What  you need to keep in mind is, you try to keep the relationship only till it’s healthy. No one deserves to stay in a toxic relationship.

Here are a few challenges that can make it difficult for you to be with a dominant female;

You feel like you’re just a commodity in that relationship

You feel like your thoughts and suggestions are ignored

You feel unheard in the relationship

Your opinions do not really matter

Your wishes and goals easily take a back seat

You always have to do what your partner asks

These are just some common challenges that you might face if you have been living with a dominant female. These challenges can directly attack your mental and emotional well-being. If you feel emotionally violated in your relationship, is it really worth being in one?

What To Do When You Have A Dominant Partner?

Well, we already have discussed the challenges one might face while living with a dominant wife. It is important to understand the submissive husband and dominant wife dynamic. If your wife’s dominance is making it mentally tormenting, you need to take some steps…

Be introspective: you need to take some time and figure out why you are putting up with being bossed around all the time. Is it worth it? Are you afraid of losing them? What is it?

Communicate with your partner: sometimes people don’t realize that they are being a dominant person. It’s important to communicate your thoughts and feelings, perhaps that can fix the entire issue.

Be confident and stand strong: when you are gullible, it makes the dominant partner feel even stronger. Not being strong is conveying your thoughts as a justification for their dominance.

Recognize signs of abuse: having a dominant wife/partner can be a form of abuse. It is important for you to understand and recognize if your partner is emotionally or mentally abusing you. You should know when to take and stand for yourself and leave.

Get professional help: sometimes you need a third person’s opinion when things go wrong in a relationship. A professional is the best to seek help from. If you want to make the relationship work, you can try couples therapy.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about understanding the submissive husband and dominant wife dynamic helpful, interesting, and thought provoking. Do share this blog with your friends and family and always keep in mind, if your relationship isn’t healthy, maybe it’s not meant to be!

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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