Depression: The Highway to Success Has an Awful Lot of Detours

I’ll write a bit vaguely today because I want to touch upon some things that are family matters and how they impact me. Recently, I have noticed longtime readers of my blog have leapfrogged over me while my life has become stagnant. I caught myself beginning to feel bitter about it, so instead of letting […]

Symptoms Of Rage Attacks + 7 Ways To Stop Anger Attacks

Anger is an emotion that we’re all somehow scared of. Some people shy away from expressing anger while others feel comfortable expressing their most distressing emotions via anger. In any case, anger can be terrifying in its own right. However, when you constantly end up experiencing unprovoked anger outbursts that leave you with the bitter taste […]

How to Raise Responsible Teenagers who are Ready for University

Your child has always been responsible and dependable, but it’s time to prepare them for the next stage of life – university. It may seem scary to let your teen take on more responsibility, but these tips will help you raise responsible teenagers who are ready to tackle life on their own at university. Here […]