What are ‘red flags’ according to you? To me, red regs in a relationship are those behaviors of thoughts or beliefs that might be destructive or can be potentially harmful to your mental and emotional well-being.

Red flags can also be things that you don’t believe in or anything that doesn’t work well with you. Some people have a long list of red flags in a relationship and some have a tiny list. However, some red flags should be common to all but many of us don’t realize how damaging some of these can be.

We have read about red flags in men and how men’s behavior in a relationship can make or break the relationship. But what about women? Both men and women are capable of having red flags which shouldn’t be ignored.

Today we are going to look at some common red flags in women that no one should ignore…

Common Red Flags In Women

Abuse: if your girlfriend or wife is abusing you in any way, physical, emotional, mental, etc., it is the biggest red flag. Physical abuse is quite evident but what’s difficult to notice is emotional and mental abuse. The day you notice your partner is abusing you, step out of the relationship ASAP!

Clinginess and over-dependency: some women tend to depend on their partner too much. These women can only stay single for a short time. They cling to their partner so much that they cross all boundaries.

She makes her partner exclusive to her: some women do not like to share their partner with anyone else. Some women have a problem with their partners spending time with their friends and family. If you are with someone unwilling to let you have a relationship with your friends and family, it is a Red Flag!

She is a narcissist: Did you know many people fall victim to narcissistic abuse without even being aware of why things are so disturbed in their life? If you are being blamed for things you haven’t done or are being emotionally manipulated, there are high chances you won’t be able to make this relationship a success.

She suffers from a mental health condition: well, having a mental health condition is not a red flag but not willing to seek professional help is a red flag. If she reduces to get her condition treated there is a high chance of having huge implications on her and your mental and emotional health.

She lacks empathy: being kind or empathetic about your partner or your relationship is very important to make it work. You can be brutally honest about your negative thoughts about your partner. No sugar coating but you still need to understand their sensitivity and feelings so that you can make your partner feel safe in a relationship. If she is not empathetic, it is a red flag.

She engages in gaslighting: gaslighting is when she makes you feel like it is your fault even when you did not do anything wrong or tag your reactions as overacting, etc. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse, if your wife/girlfriend gaslights you a lot, you have to know that it is not love.

She is highly defensive: when you love someone, apologizing is never a matter of ego. Whereas some people get defensive when it comes to accepting their mistakes and to say ‘sorry’ is a disgrace to them. Such people can’t make a loving and healthy relationship.

She keeps a check on you: now trust is the most important aspect of a relationship and when it’s missing the relationship is a wobbly base and can crumble anytime. If she is constantly checking on you, maybe she doesn’t trust you. Such trust issues become problems especially when you’re completely invested in the relationship.

She involves a third person in your flight and makes you the villain: if your wife/girlfriend always brings a third person to advocate for her, the fight is most likely going to take an ugly turn. Your fights and arguments should never involve extra people, if that’s happening, it is probably a red flag!

She is extremely jealous: a woman can become a jealous person because of various reasons or life experiences she has had. However, if that jealousy begins interfering with your life and crosses your boundaries very often, it is a red flag. Being jealous is not wrong but refusing to accept an explanation for your actions is wrong.

She uses stonewalling as a reaction: stonewalling is when she reduces talking about the issues you’ve been facing or avoids conversations when it is needed the most. If she refuses to address problems in the relationship and turns a blind eye to them, it is a red flag. Be careful.

That’s All Folks!

As we discussed earlier, the definition of red flags can be different for different people. Here we have discussed some common red flags in a woman. If you have observed these behaviors in your wife/girlfriend, you need to know that these behaviors are not positive and are capable of breaking your relationship.

These behaviors can also have a huge impact on your mental health and even scare you of relationships. The correct thing to do in this case is to first talk to your partner about these red flags and if she refuses to work on them, know that it’s time to leave.

I hope you found this blog about red flags in a woman helpful, interesting, and informative. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that we are all aware of these red flags in a woman.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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