Do you need a little more positivity in your life? Why not start 2024 with a habit of focusing on powerful daily affirmations? When it comes to positive thinking, positive affirmations are a quick and easy way to lift yourself up. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best daily powerful affirmations I have put together. You’ll also find some accompanying printable powerful daily affirmation cards you can download if you wish.

What are affirmations?

First off, what exactly are affirmations? Affirmations are short statements that are meant to boost your self-esteem and encourage positivity. Sometimes it can help repeating a positive statement several times and affirmations are just that. Affirmations are quite literally the act of affirming something in your brain and research described in this post describes how this might be happening. The idea of affirmations is to create a positive mental environment which can help with your response to negative stimuli. You begin to shift your focus on the negatives around you and replace them with encouraging thoughts instead.

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts,”

Marcus Aurelius

This is a great quote because much of life is down to this simple idea, in my opinion. If you allow yourself to think positive thoughts, you’ll naturally begin to feel lighter and happier. However, much of the time you have to give yourself permission, even if you don’t feel like thinking positively.

Do affirmations work?

Yes, if done correctly. You need to keep your affirmations specific to you while also keeping them realistic. You probably won’t get much benefit out of positive affirmations unless you make a habit of repeating them enough times to yourself. After all, you’re trying to create that positive environment in your mind and build new neural pathways which takes time.

Practise your powerful affirmations by;

Taking 3 minutes a day to resit them

Visualise them during a meditation to help make them stick

Make them a habit by keeping your daily routine consistent

If you’re ready to make affirmations a habit, find out how to start a meaningful new habit here.

Printable 31 daily powerful affirmation cards

Download your own illustrated daily powerful affirmations now. Simply print them off, laminate them, cut them out and enjoy every day!

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Powerful daily affirmations

These 31 hand-picked daily affirmations can help you create that positive mental environment and can be recited each day of the month. You can write them down somewhere or print off the cards and then stick them around your house.

I can overcome anything and everything I set my mind to

I am strong and I am here

I have dealt with many things and I will deal with this

I am far stronger than the things that bother me

Light and love beams from within me

I am happening to the world, the world is not happening to me

Everything that has happened has brought me where I need to be

I will not fear the future or resent the past. I will only be here, right now

I am enough as I am

I choose today to be a good day

I am worthy of a good life filled with love and joy

There is nothing that can harm me for I am in charge of my own life

Was I meant to be perfect? No. I am just doing my best just like everyone else

I will focus on what is important and disregard the rest

I am worthy of good things

I will face everything I need to with confidence

I am grounded strongly like a mountain

Fear does not define me, I only hold it. Therefore, I choose to let go of it

There is only one me and I am enough as I am

Things happen all the time but they do not define me

The things I cannot control do not bother me

There is nothing in me but love if I so choose

I know there is something more powerful within me than the things that affect me

I am grateful for all the good and all the tests that come my way

I am calm and focused on what matters

I choose to smile today. Not because something good has happened but because it is within my control

This shall pass just as everything has before

There is beauty all around me and I today choose to see it

There will be ups and downs but I will remain unmoved

This is my life and I can choose how I wish to experience it

What others think is their business. My value lies within my own mind

These daily powerful affirmations can help you to feel stronger when you need a lift. You could also create your own powerful affirmations. Just think about some positive affirming statements that call to you personally, write them down on some paper and put them around your home. Better still, shuffle them up and pick one statement to focus on each day.

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