From white noise to music and meditations, we’re rounding up six sleep tracks to help you drift off tonight

The idea of playing some kind of sound to help you fall asleep may feel very 2023. But, when you think about it, drifting off to soothing sounds isn’t entirely new. Humans have been singing lullabies for millennia, and there’s something about repetitive, gentle sounds that really help us to switch off.

For some people, playing sounds as they fall asleep helps them to focus on something other than anxious thoughts, or worries about what the next day might bring them. For others, the sounds can help combat the distractions that come with living in built-up areas. But, whatever the reason behind it might be, the genre is booming right now.

Interested in trying something new tonight? We’ve brought together six sleep sounds to help you find your perfect bedmate.

White noise

White noise is a sound that contains all the frequencies across the spectrum of audible sound. It sounds a bit like the static you might hear on an untuned TV or radio. There have been several studies into what makes this seemingly uninspiring sound so soothing for some people. The results have been mixed – it works for some, and not for others – but when it does work, it has been found to be very effective, with one study from The National Center for Biotechnology finding that adults fell asleep 38% faster while listening to white noise.

Classical music

Studies have shown that music that has 60 beats per minute, about that of a resting heart rate, is shown to have a soothing effect on our minds. Now, technically that opens the door to music across the genres, but the thing about classical music is that it doesn’t contain distracting lyrics, and depends much more on movement and melody – elements that enhance relaxation.

Guided sleep meditation

Meditation is a fantastic tool for relaxation and wellbeing, and it’s a growing area of content, which means that you can find plenty of guided meditations designed specifically to help you fall into a deep and restful sleep. This example, from Jason Stephenson, will help you to slow down your breathing, let go of stress, and find a sense of serenity. Plus, the addition of the rainforest sounds adds another dimension to the relaxing soundscape.

Sound baths

Sound, or gong, baths have been used for healing since ancient times, with some records suggesting they go back as far as 16,000 B.C. One study, from 2017, found evidence to suggest that gong baths could reduce symptoms of depression and promote overall wellbeing, and many others have linked it to a sense of relaxation. Now, it’s safe to say that listening to a recording may not have quite the same effect as listening to the vibrations in person – but, still, many people report experiencing the same soothing sensations and are able to find a deep sense of calm.

Lofi sleep sounds

Lofi sleep sounds come with a distinct, almost hip-hop, instrumental beat that might be too much for some, and the perfect balance for others. Let your mind become wrapped up in the ambient sounds of this multi-dimensional soundscape.


Affirmations are phrases, mantras, and statements that help us to set our intent on a particular mindset, emotion, or relaxation. They encourage you to visualise and believe in statements that help you to live a happier life. If you find that your mind tends to spiral at night, this might be a great tool for grounding yourself, and shifting your focus to uplifting statements.

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